Six Michelin star restaurants in the Costa del Sol

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The province of Malaga is a treasure trove of wonders, one of which is undoubtedly the food and drink. Food lovers will be wooed by the variety of cookery served up by the traditional and innovative restaurants here, as well as by the restaurants distinguished by the prestigious Michelin guide. There are six Michelin star restaurants in the Costa del Sol in total, making the province of Malaga a gastronomic destination in itself. If you’re planning a break in the culinary capital of Andalusia, this is the guide for you. Keep reading to discover the starred restaurants serving up sublime culinary experiences.

Restaurant Skina ** (Marbella)

After receiving its second Michelin star in 2020, Skina - which also boasts two Repsol Soles - is one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in Marbella. The chef, Marcos Granda, has created an original menu of Mediterranean cuisine using seasonal, high quality produce handled with a subtle avant-garde mindset. An exquisite combination that really brings out the most traditional flavours of Andalusia. And naturally, paired with a distinguished wine menu.

Skina, Michelin star restaurant in the Costa del Sol

Source: Restaurant Skina **


Restaurant Bardal ** (Ronda)

Chef Benito Gómez and his brigade have in a short space of time achieved no less than two Michelin stars for their cookery that fuses innovative techniques and the fundamentals of local cookery. Bardal uses seasonal produce grown locally, particularly in the county of Ronda, as the driving force behind the gastronomic sensations produced in the province of Malaga.

Bardal, Michelin star restaurant in the Costa del Sol

Source: Restaurant Bardal  **


Restaurant José Carlos García * (Malaga)

José Carlos García is the only restaurant to hold a Michelin star in the capital of the Costa del Sol. Located amid the hustle and bustle of Muello Uno, in the heart of Malaga Port, the chef, considered the “great malagueño genius of haute cuisine”, plates up a fusion of local produce and avant-garde techniques. The restaurant has just a few tables to ensure diners enjoy a unique, intimate and very personalised experience. An interesting detail about this starred restaurant is that its kitchen has glass walls, enabling diners to watch the beautiful dishes be created in real time.

 José Carlos García, Michelin star restaurant in Malaga

Source: Restaurant José Carlos García


Sollo Restaurant * (Fuengirola)

Dubbed “the caviar chef”, Diego Gallegos, is head chef at Sollo Restaurante. An investigator of haute cuisine, he has achieved a prestigious Michelin star and a Repsol Sol. The cookery is created with produce carefully selected to respect both the environment and aquaculture. The highlight of the Sollo menu is without doubt the caviar. The restaurant organises tastings of its three caviars from Riofío - Russian, Iranian and eco-friendly - paired with an exclusive cava. And if that weren’t enough, you can even book a guided tour of the fish farm at Riofrío in the summer months.

Sollo, Michelin star restaurant in Malaga

Source: Restaurant Sollo


El Lago * (Marbella)

El Lago has achieved a Michelin star for combining the elements of haute cuisine with the purest of flavours. The restaurant has earnt itself the badge of “Kilómetro 0”, as a high percentage of its products are local and do not travel far. El Lago is located inside Greenlife Golf course and serves up daring and innovative dishes and highly personalised service. The beautiful terrace with views over the golf course and marvellous lake is nothing short of wonderful on a summer night.

El Lago, Michelin star restaurant in Malaga

Source: Restaurant El Lago


Messina * (Marbella)

Run by Argentinian chef Mauricio Giovanni, Restaurante Messina boasts a Michelin star and a Repsol Sol. A small and welcoming restaurant, the star here is the tasting menu. A culinary experience comprising fresh dishes emanating positive energy that will infuse diners.

Messina, Michelin star restaurant in Malaga

Source: Restaurant Messina


Alongside this exquisite selection of Michelin star restaurants in the Costa del Sol, there are also a wide range of culinary experiences available for all palates and budgets in the province of Malaga. From beach bars to traditional (or contemporary) tapas restaurants, the province of Malaga is a veritable mecca for fine food, attracting foodies from around the world. What do you fancy trying during your time at the Costa del Sol?

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