Putting technique: learn how to putt in golf with these tricks

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In golf, the putter is a very important club. It’s the one that lets you play well when you get to the green, right near the tee, and it’s what you will use when you don’t need your irons or woods. If you want to be good at golf, you’ll need to learn how to putt. Follow these tips to do it in style!

Technique, alignment, grip and stance

To play a putter in golf, position yourself in front of the ball in a way that your eyes fall just above the golf ball. When you do, your movements will be more linear and your clubface will remain more square during your swing. Raise your hands a little higher than usual, in an upright position, and aim for an overall block stance (with no wrist movement). Above all, get comfortable. The putting stance is a personal one, and it’s important that you stand in such a way that you feel confident. The same goes for the grip, although we recommend gripping more with the palms of your hand and not with your fingers.

Putt playing posture, golf technique


Movement and rhythm

Always look for symmetry in your swing, both before and after you make contact with the ball. This will give you greater control over the force of your hit! The goal is to find a smooth rhythm, accelerate through impact and ultimately increase the movement right before the hit if you want more distance to result from your hit. Take practice swings beforehand to guide you and use your feet as a reference point. 


Green reading

The hardest thing about playing golf is figuring out where your ball should fall and how much force you should use to get it there. In general, the more speed a ball has, the less it affects the fall, and vice versa. The same is true with putting. Before you set up your stance, stand behind the ball and draw an imaginary line between the ball and the hole. Visualize the line that ball needs to follow to get in the hole. When reading a green, some experience and observation is required, but you’ll learn the most from actual practice putting on a green. (Try different amounts of force and speed to find what works for you.)

 How to play with the putter in golf


Tips and exercises for good putting training

- Use light pressure when gripping the club. 

- Start your swing with the club suspended in the air, a few millimetres from the ground.

- Using three different balls and three different putt intensities, try different movements to see what you’re most comfortable with.

- Try to hit 24 balls in the hole from a one-metre putt consecutively. If you mess up, try again.

- Start every putt from behind the ball, facing the hole. Draw an imaginary line from the ball to the hole to visualize the trajectory.

How to play with the putter in golf


A strong putting technique is not something you will achieve in two days. It takes time, patience and, most of all, practice! Consistency is key. If you want some extra help when you’re in Costa del Sol,Costa del Golf is packed with golf academies and excellent professional instruction that can help you nail down any technique. Golf lovers: can you think of a better way to spend your holiday in Costa del Sol?


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