How to master your long iron shots in golf

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Long irons tend to be a weak point in many amateur golfers’ game. Hitting a successful shot with a long iron is no easy task and can make you lose confidence on the course. Players commonly don’t dedicate enough time to practising with these clubs. Nevertheless, learning to play consistent long shots can significantly improve the overall result of your round. In this post, we’re going to share some tips and techniques to help you master your long irons. 


1. Improve your stance

A fundamental part of playing with long irons is making sure you have adopted good posture and a good stance. When you have a long iron or hybrid in your hand, it’s important to widen your stance. This will give you more stability when moving and generate more power in your swing. Remember that the longer the club, the greater the distance should be between your feet. Ensure your stance provides a solid base for your movement. 


2. Think about the position of the ball

The position of the ball is another key aspect of playing with long irons. Once you have widened your stance, ensure the ball is in the correct position: in this case, you want it to be slightly closer to your left foot. The longer the club, the further you want the ball to be from your right foot. First, place the club on the ground before checking your grip and that the ball is in the correct position.

how to hit long irons golf


3. Remember the difference between long irons and short irons

Playing with a short iron is not the same as playing with a long iron, and the main difference lies in the position of the ball. With short irons, the ball should be more centrally positioned while with long irons you want it to be a bit further forward. It’s easy to fall into the trap of striking with too much power with your long irons, which can result in a lack of consistency upon impact. Focus on making your movements smooth and hit the ball on the sweet spot of the clubface. Strength will come after.


4. Align the clubface

An important aspect of playing well with long irons is the alignment of the clubface at the moment of impact. Any deviation in the alignment of the clubface will be multiplied across the ball’s trajectory. To work on your alignment, you can use an alignment stick or pole to draw a line just in front of the ball. Place the stick parallel to the line of your swing, about four or five fingers away from the ball. This drill will help you square up the clubface at the moment of impact.


5. Make you movement smooth

One of the challenges of golf is that you never play two strokes from the same lie angle. You can practise thousands of swings at the driving range, but very rarely will you find a completely flat lie angle on the course. Amateur players tend to try too much from bad positions, particularly with long irons. Remember that a good long iron shot requires consistent impact. If you have a bad lie angle or you’re in the rough, it’s better to play with a hybrid or with a more open club to make sure you can move forward, rather than attempting a shot with a long iron.

how to play iron 5 golf


6. Control the height of the ball 

Another important aspect of playing with long irons is controlling the height of the ball. You can adapt the height of your shot by selecting the position of the ball on the ground. If you want the trajectory to be higher, move the ball closer to your stance. If you want the trajectory to be lower, move the ball away from your stance. Remember that these adjustments should be slight. 


7. Tailor the content of your club bag to you

Your club bag is personal to you and the clubs you have in it will depend on your level of play and preferences. There’s no general rule about which long irons you should have in your bag. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember long irons can be difficult to handle, which is why many golfers choose hybrids instead of long irons, particularly players that don’t have much speed in their swing and find it hard to achieve height with long irons.


8. Practise and persevere 

Like everything in golf, practice and perseverance are the key to improving your long iron shots. Dedicate time on the practice course to work on your long irons, keeping the tips and techniques mentioned above front of mind.


9. Seek professional assistance 

If you think you need additional help to improve your long iron game, consider seeking professional assistance. Golf instructors will evaluate your technique and provide you with personalised advice to help improve your shots. What’s more, they can also help you select the right club for your game. There are countless academies in the Costa del Sol where you can improve your technique. 

how to strike long irons golfSource: Academia Rio Real


10. Have fun and enjoy the game

Lastly, remember that golf is a game and should be fun. Don’t put too much pressure on your long iron shots. Make the most of the learning process and enjoy the experience. With practice and perseverance, you will improve your shots and enjoy golf more and more. 

Starting to play with long irons can be a challenge, but with the right techniques you can make significant improvements to your game. Remember to practise regularly and don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance. Are you looking for the perfect destination to put all your golf knowledge into practice? Discover the extraordinary golf courses in the Costa del Sol. Have fun and enjoy the game.

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