How to grip a golf club: 6 tips to improve your game

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If you’ve been playing golf for some time, you might assume that a post about grip is a bit basic for you. But we assure you that this is not the case: many players, no matter how long they’ve been playing, can struggle to get it right. And this, of course, has an impact on the quality of your game. In this post, therefore, we are going to do a quick recap and then give you some tips to help you improve the way you grip the club. Keep reading to discover whether you’ve mastered it or if you could perhaps work on it some more.

What is the grip of a golf club?

The grip is the part of the golf club that you hold in your hands. Knowing how to position your hands properly on the grip is essential for your comfort throughout the game

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Types of golf grip

There are different ways to hold your club: an interlocking grip (the little finger and index finger interlock), an overlapping grip (the little finger is placed in between the index finger), which is better known as the Vardon grip, in homage to the legendary player, and the baseball grip (all ten fingers touch the club). The type of grip you choose depends on how comfortable you find each position. As a general rule, the interlocking grip is recommended for shorter fingers, the overlapping grip for larger hands and the baseball grip for children and players with less strength.


How to improve your golf grip

Maintain pressure throughout your stroke

This is one of the keys to achieving consistency on impact. Amateur players tend to release the pressure of the grip once they’ve hit the ball, which can lead to problems concerning precision and strength..

Imagine the grip is a tube of toothpaste

If you squeeze too hard, you will squash it; but if you don’t apply enough pressure it will slide right out of your hands. Striking the happy medium is behind the success of a great grip.

Adopt a neutral grip to improve precision

Having a neutral grip is the simplest way to square up the club face with the ball. The best golfers in the world therefore have a neutral grip, which enables them to keep their forearms in a natural position in their stance and when the club face squares up with the ball. To adopt the correct grip, let your arms fall and bring your hands together. A grip that is either too tight or too light could provoke a change in your forearms and, more importantly, stop your club face from squaring up naturally with the club face at the moment of impact.

Palms facing each other

To achieve a neutral grip, turn your attention to your palms. When holding the club, they should be facing one another. If this is not the case, one hand will dominate the grip and your strokes will go off-kilter. Remember, however, that although your palms are facing each other, the club should be gripped with your fingers throughout the swing to avoid any blockages. When you’re using the putter, on the other hand, the club should be held more in the palms as you are, after all, trying to achieve the opposite effect: to stop your hands from moving.

Keep your little finger firm

If you don’t keep your little finger firm, the other fingers won’t stay firm either. A good grip involves holding the club firmly in your left hand while relaxing the index finger and thumb.

agarre grip

A tight grip is a bad grip

Inexperienced golfers tend to grip too tightly throughout the swing: one of the reasons for this extra pressure is an incorrect grip. If your hands are badly positioned before you start your swing, inevitably you will need to increase the pressure to make sure you don’t bend your hands or drop the club. Having a tight grip is not synonymous with a good grip. 

And we could go on. Though we could fill a whole book with tips on how to grip a club properly, what we want you to come away with is that your grip is essential to the quality of your game. That said, it is also something that is very personal. Changing the way you hold the club is complicated and it can make you feel very uncomfortable at first. 

If you want to work on your grip, the best way is to practise on and off the course. Dedicate five minutes a day to practising at home and you’ll soon see that your hands will get used to your new grip. It goes without saying that the best way to put your grip into practice is by playing. And what better place to play than the Costa del Sol? There are over 70 extraordinary courses in the region where you work on your game. If you want to see real improvements, you could even hire a professional instructor. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to golf classes at the academies in the Costa del Golf and watch how fast your game improves.

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