Spring festivals and traditions in the Costa del Sol

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The Costa del Sol is bursting with traditions that are a great draw for travellers interested in getting to the heart of the destination. Products, recipes, customs: the Events of Touristic Importance in the province are an unparalleled opportunity to throw yourself into the local culture. In this post, we will describe some of the festivals and traditions in the province of Malaga held before, during and after Holy Week, and events taking place in March and April. Enjoy music, dancing, art and gastronomy and get stuck into the most undiscovered side of the Costa del Sol. 


Día de la Tagarnina - Villanueva del Rosario (March)

Día de la Tagarnina (the day of the edible thistle) is held every year at the start of spring. The festival shines a light on this delicious veggie, which is typical of the mountains and specifically of the municipality of Villanueva del Rosario. Guiso de tagarninas – edible thistle stew - is the star of the celebration. There will also be two sports activities taking place in the morning: the hike up to Mirador de Hondonero and "Subida a Hondonero”, a competition. All swept up amid the performances, activities and street markets selling local produce. 


Día de los 'Jornazos' (Hornazos) – Cártama (April) 

Municipalities like Cártama, Istán and Yunquera are trying to bring back the tradition of Día de los Hornazos. Taking place on Easter Sunday, the locals head out to the countryside to eat bread known as jornazo, which is made by artisans and has a boiled egg inside. Historically, local bakeries baked the products made by the locals. Afterwards, they would head out to the countryside to eat the baked goods. In recent years, the tradition has been revived with an easy hiking route. 

b-10 MarSource: Agendainfantil.es


Feria del Campo - Benagarmosa (April)

During the month of April, Benamargosa shines the light on the wealth of the agriculture sector in La Axarquía with a great festival in which locals show off the fruits of their harvests. Countless stands set up throughout the village offer you an unmissable opportunity to enjoy the delights of the Mediterranean diet, namely avocado smoothie or batycate, ensaladilla cateta, zoque, pear lemon, cherry tomatoes, callos and ajo-bacalao, as well as a huge paella cooked over a fire. This foodie day comes to a close when the night falls with an awards ceremony recognising the people who have done exceptional work in the municipality. 


Día de la Morcilla - Canillas de Aceituno (April)

Every year on the final Sunday of April, Canillas de Aceituno hosts one of the best-known food festivals in the whole of the province of Malaga: Día de la Morcilla. At the event, 300kg of morcilla, a sort of blood sausage, is served alongside excellent local wine.

traditional food malagaSource: Diputación de Málaga


Día del Aceite Verdial - Periana (April)

One of the products with the most history behind it in La Axarquía is verdial olive oil. Once the harvest (which is one of the latest in the province) is complete, Periana hosts Día del Aceite Verdial with a huge olive oil tasting session. On this day, you will have the opportunity to purchase not only olive oil but other projects typical of La Alta Axarquía like sweet treats, muscatel wine, raisins and nuts. You can also visit the site where the olive oil is made and take a look at the display of the utensils and tools used to make the oil.


Fiesta del Verdeo. Día de la Haba - Villanueva de la Concepción (April)

Every spring, Villanueva de la Concepción hosts Día de la Haba, a festival that seeks to raise awareness about and pay tribute to broad beans. Throughout the day, you can tuck into dishes featuring broad beans like the traditional breakfast of broad beans with olive oil and broad bean stews. Verdiales music will liven up the fiesta, and there will also be a fair with over 30 stands where you can get your hands on a large number of local products like cold cuts, sweet treats, esparto grass, ceramics and antiques.


Quema de Judas – El Burgo (April)

The most important event of Holy Week in El Burgo is Quema de Judas, the burning of Judas, which takes place on Easter Sunday. At midday, an effigy of Judas (made of fabric and filled with sawdust and rockets) meets Virgen de la Medalla Milagrosa at Plaza de Abajo. The effigy of Judas is then burnt with fireworks, representing the victory over sin.

traditions province of malaga Source: Diariosur


Feria del Pavo - Cañete la Real (April)

Feria del Pavo – the turkey fair – is one of the youngest gastronomic events in the province, but despite this, it has become an unmissable spring event in the province of Malaga. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to get to know Cañete la Real, it also showcases the culinary versatility of turkey as a meat. There will also be a market featuring local artisanal producers. 


Festivals and traditions in the province of Malaga: the best excuse to visit the Costa del Sol

Beyond the events described in this post, the Costa del Sol is home to many more Events of Provincial Touristic Importance which are well worth checking out. The Provincial Touristic Importance recognition, awarded by Diputación de Málaga, highlights the great diversity and originality of festivities that celebrate the traditions, flavours and customs of the Costa del Sol. 

Discover the festivals and traditions of the province of Malaga: the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in the culture of the Costa del Sol and have a great time. 

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