Feria de Málaga: everything you need to know about this fair and others in the Costa del Sol

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Feria de Málaga 2022 is the perfect opportunity to soak up the Costa del Sol’s festive atmosphere. Pairing delicious gastronomy, all sorts of shows and performances and a whole host of fun, Malaga fair is an absolute must-attend. Drawing in scores of people every year, this annual event gives local shops, hotels and other tourist businesses a boost. 

The fair will immerse you in the city’s plentiful culture and boundless charms. Feria de Málaga takes place in the second half of August, offering a jam-packed programme of events and activities for the general public. So whether you’re planning a trip with your friends, family, loved one or even alone, book yourself a few days to come and enjoy everything the fair has to offer. Keep reading to discover what you can expect. 


Feria de Agosto is back 

Following a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Feria de Málaga - the queen of all festivities in the capital of the Costa del Sol - is finally back. Taking place from the 13 to the 20 August, the city’s historic centre and Real Cortijo de Torres is set to be packed with locals and visitors from Spain and abroad looking for the same thing: to eat, drink and enjoy unforgettable experiences together. 

Feria de Málaga promises an exuberant mix of culture, flamenco, equestrian shows, nightlife, casetas and restaurants. Tapas and wine are everywhere you look and the busiest streets in central Malaga are lined with stands that will provide you with everything you’ll need throughout the festival. 

palacio de ferias y congresos de málagaFuente: El Confidencial


Concerts, customs and more across the city

So now you know when Feria de Málaga is taking place, let’s get to the important stuff: what you can enjoy at the fair. The Feria opens with a traditional firework display at midnight on Friday 12 and the pregón (the opening ceremony). From this moment on, there is a succession of events and activities. Held since the 15th century, Feria de Málaga commemorates the Catholic Monarchs’ seizure of the city and its incorporation into what was then the Crown of Castile. The festivities take place in different locations across the city, most of them outdoors. 


Feria hot spots

csol_infografia_8_Feria de malaga EN


The casetas (stands) which are set up around the city are a popular attraction until 6pm. These are concentrated in several areas across the city, namely: 

  •   Calle Larios, or Larios street, (which is depicted on the 2022 event poster) is a hot spot for the festivities. Decorated every year, the street is always full of crowds of people and women wearing colourful flamenco dresses. Here you will find some of the best places to get your hands on some tapas. If you’re keen to try cartojal con migas, this is the street for you. 
  •   Plaza de las Flores and Plaza de la Constitución. These two squares are teeming with life throughout the fair. You can expect marquees and live music (during the day) set in an historic backdrop. 
  •   The streets surrounding Catedral de Málaga and Museo de Málaga always have an incredible atmosphere and are just steps from historic sites like the Alcazaba and Torre del Homenaje.
  •   Plaza de Uncibay and Plaza del Teatro, with busy Calle Comedias in the middle. 


Real de la Feria: from local cuisine to the Andalusian horse

Beyond the street life and the traditional Andalusian lanterns decorating the city, a big chunk of the festivities are concentrated at Real de la Feria, also known as Real Cortijo de Torres, which is just steps from Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA).

Unmissable performances, free food for a time at lunchtime and the sight of Andalusian horses with their traditional carriages await here. Meanwhile, Auditorio Municipal, located next to the site, hosts an almost constant stream of local and national performers.

feria de los pueblos malagaFuente: Ayuntamiento de Málaga


Transport options for Feria de Málaga

There are different ways to get to Feria de Málaga. The city’s excellent travel network, which combines an airport, motorways and railway, will make it easy to get to the destination wherever you’re travelling from. 

Once you’re in the historic centre and keen to get to Real de la Feria for the evening, taxis are the most popular option. A cheaper alternative is the bus. City buses will take you from the two main gates of the site to different points in the city.  


Other fairs in the Costa del Sol 

Feria de Málaga isn’t the only fair taking place in the Costa del Sol over the upcoming months. July, August, September and October are a period of festivities and celebrations throughout the province. Dozens of festivals take place in different municipalities throughout the Costa del Sol at this time. Here are some of them: 

  •   Feria de Casabermeja will be held from the 4 to the 7 August this year. The festival originates in the livestock shows of yesteryear. The festivities currently take place in Paseo Puerto de la Horca where the terraces of the bars and restaurants are filled with people and performances. 
  •   Feria de Álora is taking place from the 3 to the 7 August. Sports events, firework displays and concerts tailoring to all music tastes will be held at Real de la Feria throughout the week. 
  •   Feria de Campillos is on from the 12 to the 15 August. The Feria has a jam-packed programme of events complete with casetas for all the family. Gigantes and cabezudos will parade the streets, and there will be horse, bull and heifer shows. This fun-loving festival seeks to promote traditions revolving around fandango and malagueñas.
  •   Real Feria de Agosto de Antequera, listed a Festival of National Tourist Interest due to its history (it dates all the way back to 1748), is scheduled for the 17 to the 21 August. As the dates coincide with Feria de Málaga, many tourists travel to Antequera to see the events, which start with the Señor de la Verónica pilgrimage and continue with live music, bull events and horse shows. 
  •     Feria de Guaro is taking place from the 25 to the 28 August and promises something for everyone. You can expect the pregón, children’s festivities, the day fair, the flamenco dress competition, live music, firework displays, exhibitions and more. For four days, families, friends and locals flock to the destination to enjoy all the festivities. 
  •   Feria de Pedro Romero 2022 is taking place in Ronda from the 30 August to the 4 September and promises plenty of bull events. Also known as Feria de Septiembre, the fair boasts a unique event in Spain: Corrida Goyesca, which is held yearly at Plaza de la Real Maestranza de Caballería. It is also listed as a Festival of National Tourist Interest. 

Beyond these fairs, there are many more towns and villages in the province of Malaga that have fairs in August, namely Periana, Cómpeta (featuring  “Noche del Vino”, the night of wine, which is held on the 15 August) and Frigiliana, which hosts its Tres Culturas event at the end of the month. 

Now that you have a better idea about what Feria de Málaga and the other destinations in the province have to offer, it’s time to get your diary out. Make the most of the festivities to explore the Costa del Sol, from its coastal destinations to its inland villages as well as all the events and festivities going on. Beyond Feria de Agosto and other local festivals, you can also enjoy other events such as Feria de los Pueblos de Málaga and Feria Taurina as well as all the events held at Palacio de Ferias de Málaga.

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