Golf: one of the best forms of exercise for older people

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One of the great things about golf is that every age is a good age to start out in the sport. Given that the physical effort required to play the game is acquired gradually, and at the pace of the player, golf is one of the best forms of exercise for older people. Keep reading to discover the main benefits of the sport for older players.


A low intensity sport

The Fundación Española del Corazón (Spanish Heart Foundation) considers golf a low intensity sport that is also both dynamic and static. It is therefore the perfect form of exercise for older people with any type of cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, etc. illnesses. Nevertheless, if you’ve never played the game before, make sure you get the doctor’s OK with a health check-up before heading out onto the course.


Low risk of injury

A golf course has a minimum of 9 holes, though most have 18. To complete the course, the player will walk between 6 and 7km over land that undulates with the topography. This is one of the reasons why golf is the perfect form of exercise for older people: it revolves around walking, an activity recommended for all ages, and that has a low risk of injury.

Physical activities to do with older people


Nature and a source of vitamin D

Golf is also played in the great outdoors, meaning you can soak up the natural landscape and enjoy being in the sun. Direct exposure to sunlight favours the absorption of vitamin D and the condition of your bones, helping to prevent all types of illnesses, such as osteoporosis. Very few sports have the benefit of being played in beautiful settings. In the Costa del Sol there are courses next to the sea, courses with beautiful woodland and even some courses in the midst of the mountains. These expansive spaces also make golf one of the safest sports to practise right now.


Keeps the brain active

One of the main benefits of golf, independently of the age of the player, is that it favours cognitive ability. With each shot, you will need to concentrate and calculate how far you need to hit the ball, with what power, etc. Over time, you will notice that it will be easier and easier to concentrate on your game.

Physical activity for older people in Malaga


A relaxing and sociable sport

Not only does golf immerse you in beautiful scenery, it also allows you to spend quality time with other people. It is the ideal sport to play with your friends or family and is one of the best physical activities to do with older people. Indeed, in golf, the age difference between players is of little importance, as each player plays against themself. For all these reasons, golf is a relaxing sport that will also boost your social relationships.

Physical activities to do with older people


With all the benefits we have just listed, there is no doubt that golf is one of the best physical activities for older people. If you’re interested in starting out in the game, or you simply want to refresh your skills, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sign up to some classes in a golf academy. And if you’re looking for the perfect destination to enjoy the game, the Costa del Sol boasts impressive courses overlooking the sea, warm temperatures that let you play all year round and a wide range of ways to spend your free time. What more could you possibly ask for? Discover the Costa del Golf and enjoy the game, whatever your age!

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