El Saltillo de Málaga: a hanging bridge connecting Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella

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Spanning the province of Malaga, La Gran Senda de Malaga has a spectacular new attraction in the natural area known as El Saltillo: a hanging bridge. Stretching the breadth of the river Almanchares, it is one of the longest hanging bridges in Spain, coming in at 50m long and 50m high. The bridge connects the municipalities of Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella.  g the province of Malaga, La Gran Senda de Malaga has a spectacular new attraction in the natural area known as El Saltillo: a hanging bridge. Stretching the breadth of the river Almanchares, it is one of the longest hanging bridges in Spain, coming in at 50m long and 50m high. The bridge connects the municipalities of Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella. 

The trails leading to this impressive bridge are somewhat difficult and are therefore only recommended to experienced hikers. There are many ways to get to El Saltillo and enjoy the views afforded from the new bridge as well as the walkways surrounding it. 

El Saltillo Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga province


How to get to El Saltillo

- Walk stage 7 of La Grand Senda de Malaga. The trail starts in Cómpeta and will take you to El Saltillo in Canillas de Aceituno.

- Take a shorter version of the previous route, starting in Sedella and walking along El Saltillo on your way to Canillas de Aceituno. 

- Another option, if you’re not such an experienced hiker, is to approach the bridge from Canillas de Aceituno through the area of Sierra de Tejeda. After walking about 5km through an area with some steep ascends, you will reach the bridge and be awarded with some incredible views (and amazing photo opportunity). 

walk to El Saltillo, Malaga province


What to see in Sedella and Canillas de Aceituno

The perfect way to complete your visit to the new bridge is to explore the two villages that are located on either side of it: Sedella and Canillas de Aceituno. Both are on Ruta Mudéjar, a collection of five villages that speak of the local area’s Arab past. In Sedella, this history is still very much alive with its characteristic whitewashed houses decorated with flowers and peaceful streets, all immersed in a beautiful landscape. The village is home to not only a ruined fortress, but also San Andrés church where you will find sculptures and objects of worship that were created between the 17th and 18th centuries. Next to the church is Casa Torreón, a private property with a Mudejar tower featuring Moorish decoration. In the nearby mountainscape of Sierra de Tejeda, there is also the old Camino de Arrieros, Cueva Horeada, La Maroma peak and El Salto del Caballo peak. 

Canillas de Aceituno, walk to El Saltillo, Malaga province


The municipality of Canillas de Aceituno is similarly spectacular. The highest mountain peak in the province of Malaga, La Maroma, is located here in the midst of the most stunning natural landscapes where you can spend time soaking up nature and culture. Founded during the Moorish period, the village showcases its Arab heritage - like its neighbour Sedella - which is evident in the entangled design of its streets where you will find entrance arches and many other interesting architectural elements. It should come as no surprise then that Canillas de Aceituno is also on Ruta Mudéjar. Points of interest include Casa de los Diezmos (also known as Casa de la Reina Mora), Casa Esgrafiada, which is decorated in Moorish patterns and features a horseshoe arch, the Arab water tank, 16th century Nra. Sra. del Rosario church and the Muslim remains of the castle, located on the square of the same name. Nevertheless, what makes the village truly spectacular are the flowers that decorate the streets, acquiring such importance that they are seen as an intrinsic part of the architecture. Both villages also have a number of different bars and restaurants where you can relax and regain your strengths following your walk to El Saltillo. The delicious cuisine in La Axarquía is truly the cherry on the cake to a most fantastic day out. 


La Gran Senda de Malaga

La Gran Senda de Malaga is a pioneering trail in Andalusia that passes through a national park, three natural parks, two natural reserves and three areas of natural beauty, spanning nine different regions and 57 municipalities in the province. The route is a total of 745km long and is divided into 35 stages, with three different variants, connected to both the Camino Mozárabe de Santiago (GR 245) and the European long-distance path (GR–92 E-12), which ends in Greece. El Saltillo is the first and only hanging bridge in La Gran Senda. 

route to El Saltillo Málaga


The seventh stage of La Gran Senda, in which you can walk to El Saltillo de Malaga, is a 25km route that is characterised by the imposing beauty of the limestone rock of the Sierra Tejeda mountainscape. It is free to access El Saltillo. Once you have reached the bridge, you can continue your excursion by exploring some of the neighbouring municipalities, such as Sedella, Salares, Canillas de Albaida, and Cómpeta. Click here to discover the other stages of La Gran Senda de Malaga and enjoy a day out walking with all the family

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