Six tips to master becoming a successful digital nomad

Perhaps you’ve gazed longingly at photos of your friends working on the beach. Perhaps you’ve dreamed about doing the same. And perhaps now is the time to take the leap. Working while you travel will take you and your laptop to new destinations every week, every month, every year. In this post, we’re going to talk about digital nomads and share some tips to help you make the dream of working wherever you want a reality. The future of work, after all, has no borders. 


What is a digital nomad? 

A digital nomad is someone whose job enables them to work online from any place and in any time zone. The idea has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the rise in jobs that can be done anywhere (such as those in the writing, design and IT fields). People are taking their office with them and living and working wherever the fancy takes them


Six tips to master becoming a successful digital nomad


1. Choose a job that enables you to be remote

It’s near impossible to be a digital nomad if your work requires you to be in one place. At the heart of the digital nomad lifestyle is the ability to be free to move around; something that is often, though not always, the case in creative jobs. Our first tip, therefore, is to find a job in a field that enables you to work remotely

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2. Make sure you have a good internet connection

Leading on from the previous point, the internet will become your new best friend. Even though you might not need to be online to complete all of your tasks, you will end up needing it sooner or later to deliver your work to clients and have meetings with your colleagues to discuss the projects you’re working on. Bear this in mind when choosing your destination. 


3. Find self-discipline and set goals

Working from home requires a great deal of self-discipline. As a digital nomad, you won’t have a manager or supervisor breathing down your neck to make sure you meet the next deadline. And if you fall unwell during your trip, it’s all on you. So our third tip to being a successful digital nomad is self-discipline, self-discipline and, yes, some more self-discipline. With a healthy portion of goal setting on the side. Have you heard of OKRs? Standing for Objectives and Key Results, this system can help keep you on track. 


4. Learn how to promote your skills

Whatever you decide to do, do it well. Being a digital nomad is no excuse for delivering work that is under par. If you don’t do a good job then you will lose the clients you have (if you’re a freelancer) or struggle to find new ones. Knowing how to promote your skills is therefore a crucial part of being a digital nomad. The best advertising strategy? Quality work and honest marketing. 

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5. Invest in training 

Our fifth tip to making the digital nomad lifestyle a reality is to invest in training yourself. You might be a digital nomad employed by a company, in which case your employers will take care of your professional development, but this is not always the case. Spend part of your profits in training as the world of work, particularly in the technology sector, is constantly evolving. If you want to work in the place of your dreams, make sure your skills are top notch and up-to-date. If they’re not, why would a client want to contract your services if they’re not even sure when they can locate you if they have any questions? 


6. Choose places of work that works for you 

The good thing about working as you travel or travelling as you work is that you can choose destinations that work for your work. Our advice is therefore to choose a place that will favour your day-to-day life as a worker. Find a place that is both comfortable and that enables you to concentrate and discard anywhere that could compromise your financial stability. 


The Costa del Sol, an unbeatable remote work destination 

Being a digital nomad in the Costa del Sol is one of the best experiences you might ever have. The province of Malaga combines a number of requirements digital nomads are looking for, namely great weather, excellent connections and beautiful landscapes. The sea and the mountains rub shoulders here. And then there’s the gastronomy and the incredible range of adventure sports that you can try out. So what are you waiting for to become - even if for a short period - a digital nomad in Malaga

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