The health benefits of playing golf

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Having you been thinking about learning how to play golf? Did you used to play and want to get back into it? Do it! There are many physical and mental health benefits of playing golf, and in Costa del Sol (dubbed “Costa del Golf”), there are more than 70 courses where you can experience them for yourself. Find out more about the health benefits of playing golf below.

Quality of life

According to several studies from the University of Edinburgh, golf can extend human life expectancy by up to five years. Why? Because playing golf directly benefits our heart, muscular and mental health. On top of that, this sport requires low physical intensity, causes very few injuries and can be adapted to all ages and skill levels.

benefits of golfing


Weight control

When you play a round of golf, experts say it forces you to walk about 10 kilometres in four or five hours—meaning you burn almost 1,200 calories. Of course, this number varies for everyone, but activity like this can definitely have a positive effect on your waistline.


Muscle tone and flexibility

Golf helps tone your core muscles, like those in your arms, back, chest and abdomen. It also gradually improves your overall flexibility.



Benefits of Golf, Malaga

Concentration is key to the sport of golf! To be successful, players have to be able to concentrate on each shot and really focus to hit the ball in the most effective way. Many golf academies in Costa del Sol teach concentration techniques, which players can then use to benefit their overall mental health.



Golf is more about competing against yourself than competing against other players! That means no real rivalries are formed. Plus, since you’re out on the field with fellow golfers for four or five hours a game, the sport lends itself to talking to and building friendships with like-minded individuals. Golf has a reputation for being a sport where colleagues “close deals,” and that’s because they have so much time to hang out, talk and observe one another’s behaviour.



Between the beautiful views and natural socialization, golf is a fun, great way for men and women alike to de-stress.

Benefits of practising Golf, Costa del Sol

Are you looking for a fun way to get healthy? Plan a vacation to Costa del Golf and try your luck at the sport the province is known for. With its top-rated golf clubs and courses, dreamy beaches, tasty restaurants, beautiful natural surroundings and impressive range of cultural and outdoor activities, Costa del Sol has everything golfers need to play, relax and have some fun in the sun.


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