Everything you need to know about Congreso AFE-APCE 2022 and its connection to the tourist industry

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For many operating in the tourist industry, July is a highly anticipated month. The height of summer, this is a time when lots of people go on holiday, bringing the economy back to life. But this year, the MICE sector in particular is eagerly awaiting this time of year. Because from the 6 to the 8 July, Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga is hosting a unique event that aims to combine forces to share knowledge and insights about the MICE sector. 

Yes, we are talking about Congreso AFE-APCE 2022, a conference jointly organised by the Asociación de Ferias Españolas (the Spanish Trade Fairs Association) and Asociación de Palacios de Congresos de España (the Spanish Conference Centres Association). Have you ever heard of the event? Want to find out more? Then keep reading. 


The Spanish MICE sector, on the rise 

The partnership between the Spanish Trade Fairs Association and the Spanish Conference Centres Association comes at a unique time for the sector. As we’ve discussed on other occasions, 2022 is seeing the return of convention tourism

Following the successive waves of COVID-19, and its repercussions on many areas of life, the Spanish MICE sector is coming back strong and steady. The tourist industry and trade fair and conference market came to a standstill in 2020 and now, a couple of years on, we are seeing more and more events that were postponed or cancelled being held

The weight of the trade fair market is also growing in Spain. According to data from the Boletín Oficial del Estado and the approval of the official international trade fair calendar in 2022, Spain will host 106 international trade fairs over the course of the year. 

strengths of the sector


What is AFE-APCE 2022?

In this context, two of the most consolidated associations working in the sector have decided to jointly host an event for professionals, experts and anyone interested in the trade fair and conference industry. The conference has the added draw of being the first jointly organised event in the history of both institutions, reinforcing the idea of collaboration, which is integral to the tourist industry. 

Congreso AFE-APCE 2022 is a unique event that will debate the role of “technology, sustainability, energy efficiency and the value chain” in the trade fair industry. To do so, there will be workshops, discussions and informal networking sessions. From the opening cocktail party to the closing event - which is a catamaran trip - the event will be marked by countless talks and workshops that attendees are sure to love. 


A journey into the future of the industry 

The speakers and experts on the panels underline the level of the event. Ready to share their knowledge and debate the strengths of the sector are names of the likes of: Iker Goikoetxea, from APCE; Juliana López from the International Association of Convention Centres; Nick Dugdale-Moore from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and many, many more. Together they will share different points of view about a sector that is as wide-reaching as it is interesting. Want to embark on a journey into the future of the industry? There are four ways to do so: as a member, non-member, companion or student. Each of these options gives you access to different parts of the event, making knowledge and good practices relating to the tourist industry accessible to everyone. 

spanish trade fairs associationFuente: Congreso AFE-APCE 2022


Other events at the FYCMA

The Costa del Sol has a vibrant trade fair and conference calendar thanks, in part, to the world-class venues and spaces available in the area. Specifically, Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA), which is hosting Congreso AFE-APCE 2022, also puts on countless other events that are of interest to the tourist industry. 

On the programme are events such as Congreso CNAF and CM Málaga 2022 ‘Culture & Museums International Tech Forum’, which open the doors to learning and knowledge sharing in the Costa del Sol. Come and check them out.

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