Road Trip through Axarquía: explore the Raisin Route

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Nestled in a region abundant with history, culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes, Axarquía boasts one of the most enchanting routes on the Costa del Sol: the Raisin Route.

This journey takes you through picturesque villages nestled amidst stunning vistas, unveiling the essence and identity of its inhabitants. Among its most revered traditions is the cultivation of raisin grapes, a cherished practice that dates back to Moorish times and continues to yield the finest raisins worldwide.

Discover the Traditional Raisin Route on a Road Trip

Are you ready to uncover all the sights and experiences the raisin route has to offer? We present a guide highlighting the must-see attractions along this journey.

A Tour to Savor the Raisin Route

Spanning 62 kilometers, the municipalities of Totalán, Comares, Cútar, El Borge, Almáchar, and Moclinejo form this fascinating route. The unique climate here fosters vineyards of exceptional quality, producing coveted raisins and exquisite wines. The age-old craft of raisin production unfolds in distinctive drying areas called "paseros," strategically positioned southeast on the region's undulating hills and terraces.

Crafted under the Mediterranean sun, the renowned Muscat wine, made from golden, sweet, and floral-scented Muscat of Alexandria grapes, finds its perfect terroir here, amid olive and orange groves.

Orange Day in Istán is also celebrated in April. Attendees can savor a variety of delicious dishes, from fennel stew to fried pumpkin with cod and clams, including migas. Traditional desserts like zahínas, fried porridge, or rice pudding are also featured, all presented on tables adorned with oranges, lemons, and wheat bread.

In Villanueva del Rosario, Tagarnina Day highlights this vegetable in a special stew, the star dish of the day, offering free tastings and activities like hiking and the popular 'Subida a Hondonero' race.

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Local festivities herald the harvest season and the completion of the raisin process. Celebrations, such as the ancient verdiales music in Comares, transport visitors to the Moorish era, reviving traditional culinary practices, music, and dance.

Axarquía's privileged location, straddling the sea and inland, combined with its rich cultural heritage, has given rise to numerous legends and tales of bandits and colorful figures, enhancing the allure of these villages.

The Raisin Route invites you to experience the charm of towns set against a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty, where traditions are preserved alongside progress and modernity.

One of the route's genuine pleasures is the warmth of its people. Although some attractions are only open on weekend mornings, you’ll always find someone willing to share information and assistance with kindness.

Places and Activities to Enhance Your Itinerary

Each location offers unique sights and activities. From exploring historic churches to indulging in local cuisine at establishments like El Molino de los Abuelos in Comares or La Posada del Bandolero in El Borge, every stop promises a memorable experience.

In Comares, don't miss the Axarquía viewpoint or the ancient Tahona Tower. Explore Cútar’s old town and the Church of the Virgin of the Incarnation. In El Borge, discover the Town Hall and the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, with its valuable baroque shrine tower. Celebrate the Ajoblanco Festival in September, And in Almáchar, visit the Raisin Museum and sample the renowned Muscat wine.

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Stop in Moclinejo to explore the House Tribute to Axarquía and dine at the Vistalmar restaurant. In Totalán, marvel at the Waterfall Garden and partake in the Chanfaina Festival in November.

The Raisin Route: An Unforgettable Escape

Each town along the route offers a glimpse into Axarquía's past, their hospitality, and charm beckoning you to explore further. Whether you visit each town or select your favorites, a road trip along the Raisin Route promises an unforgettable journey through the history, culture, and unique flavors of this enchanting Costa del Sol region.

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