Olive oil tasting in Malaga: the perfect activity for your incentive trip

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The olive oil mills in Malaga offer the MICE sector unique experiences for business incentive trips. Indeed, the province of Malaga is renowned for the exquisite flavours of its different varieties of olive oil. This rich diversity combined with extraordinary landscapes makes the Costa del Sol an incredible place to discover the culture and tradition of olive pressing. 

From century-old olive mills, restaurants specialising in olive oil tourism and accommodation in the countryside to country houses, olive oil tastings and more, there are limitless options when it comes to organising a truly original incentive activity focused on olive oil from Malaga. Discovering the culture and traditions of the olive groves, which date back millennia, and promoting socio-economic sustainability in the countryside is very much a booming trend in the business trip sector right now.

 Olive oil from Malaga


Why discover olive oil from Malaga province during your incentive trip?

  1. Nature: activities revolving around olive oil take place in the midst of the countryside. Mountains and fields covered in a cloak of olive trees make up a landscape that can’t help but coax you into a state of relaxation. If disconnection is one of the goals of your incentive activity, you will certainly achieve it amid the olive groves. 
  2. Gastronomy: from olive oil tastings to special menus prepared with different varieties of what is affectionately known as “Andalusian liquid gold” and more, there’s no doubt that foodies will get excited about discovering the authentic world of olive oil. 
  3. Culture: the production of olive oil in Malaga province, like in other parts of Andalusia, is one of the pillars of local culinary culture. Learning the secrets of how to make the much sought-after extra virgin olive oil and discovering how the techniques have evolved over the centuries promise an experience that you will remember for years to come.
  4. Team building: the natural backdrop that is home to the oil mills in the province of Malaga is a wonderful setting for taking part in different activities centred around olive oil. Team tasting games and gymkhanas are just a couple of ideas, but the scope for this is as extensive as event organisers’ imaginations. 


Incentive activities in the oil mills in Malaga province

A wide variety of oil mills, steeped in history, are located across the province. Many of these have specialised in group activities and visits in recent years. This is the case of Molino del Hortelano, situated in Casabermeja. The oil mill offers guided tours of its century-old press to groups, tastings of all sorts of olive oils as well as a delicious traditional breakfast, featuring coffee, olives and bread toasted over the fire and served with plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

Molino del Hortelano, olive oil Malaga

Source: Molino del Hortelano


One of the most charming oil mills in the Costa del Sol is located in the municipality of Ronda. Nestled among centenarian olive groves and affording beautiful views over Serranía de Ronda, LA Organic Experience is housed in a recently renovated 19th century country house that is now a hotel. The oil mill runs an hour-long guided tour across the estate that will immerse you in a natural world dotted with sculptures and other surprises and completed with an organic olive oil tasting in which you will learn to differentiate, among other aspects, between a delicate oil (80% arbequina, picual and hojiblanca varieties) and an intense oil (100% hojiblanca). And if all that weren’t enough, at LA Organic Experience you can even make your very own olive oil. A perfect activity for incentive trips, in this experience you will remove the olive from the tree by hitting it, press the fruit in the mill, bottle it and then even personalise your label. An activity that makes a lasting impact.

LA Organic, olive oil tourism in Malaga

Source: LA Organic 


Located in Antequera, Dcoop is a large cooperative of extra virgin olive oil, olive and wine producers as well as livestock breeders. The museum here has perfectly conserved oil mills that are centuries old, which will transport you back in time to learn how our ancestors made olive oil. In Alhaurín el Grande, you can explore family-run oil mill Aceites Molisur, which not only spends its time producing extra virgin olive oil, but also teaches groups about the olive oil tradition in the Guadalhorce valley. You will be taken back one hundred years as you visit an old mill that is still in perfect condition and works to this day.

Aceites Molisur, olive oil from Malaga

Source: Aceites Molisur


We hope that this post has given you the inspiration you were looking for to make your incentive a truly unique and unforgettable trip. The oil mills listed above are just some of the very many other mills running olive oil experiences in the province of Malaga. So what are you waiting for? Take your next incentive trip to the olive groves in the Costa del Sol!

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