Málaga WorkBay: digital nomads’ best friend

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In an unbridled bid to improve their quality-of-life, optimise their free time and do what they most enjoy, many people are choosing to become digital nomads. Working from any part of the world and enjoying high levels of freedom are two of the many benefits of this trend that the Costa del Sol is currently seeking to promote via Málaga Workbay, an Ayuntamiento de Málaga project.

Discover what Málaga Workbay is and why working from home in the Costa del Sol is an incredible option. The wonders of the province of Malaga will do wonders for your career. 


Málaga Workbay: consultancy and services  

Málaga Workbay is a project designed to promote the advantages of being a digital nomad in Malaga city. The initiative has a number of benefits including providing consultancy to new professionals about everything they need to know about becoming a digital nomad.

The website, which can be accessed at malagaworkbay.com, provides useful information about accommodation, workspaces for digital nomads and much more. Of the many services on offer, the soft landing services are worth noting: they concern consultancy destined to facilitate the set-up and insertion of digital nomads in the vibrant Malaga ecosystem.

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Find your office in the best coworking spaces 

Málaga Workbay acts as a nexus for digital nomads looking for a place to work. If you are considering working away from home but don’t know where to go, not to worry: you can find a spot in one of the excellent coworking spaces in Malaga city. Beyond this, you can discover what each of the Malaga-based coworking spaces have to offer and their fees per day, week or month.

Innovation Campus Malaga Center, Living Room Coworking and BeWorking are just some of the many coworking spaces available in Malaga city where you can enjoy a good Internet connection and the perfect balance between peace and quiet and spending time with the other coworkers. Of course, you will find many coworking options in the other municipalities in the Costa del Sol, namely Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola and Ronda, the home of Coworking Events, among others. 

What’s more, Málaga Workbay has a space known as #BayWorkers, which is exclusively for digital nomads in Malaga. One of the biggest advantages of being part of the #BayWorkers community is that it can help you out with networking, bureaucratic support to secure your visa or residency (empadronamiento), and English to Spanish translation. 

This support, paired with other benefits like discounts and educational information, combine to create a healthy network of independent yet interconnected professionals. And if, in addition to being an entrepreneur or digital nomad, you are interested in finding a part-time or full-time job, the employment section of the Málaga Workbay website contains information about the stand-out companies in the area organised by industry and sector.

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Entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Costa del Sol  

And you want to know the best thing? There is a great entrepreneurial spirit throughout the province, beyond the capital. With dreamy scenery, beautiful weather all year round and promising economic development, the Costa del Sol is a truly unique place in the world to work from home. Whether as an employee for a large company or as a freelance digital nomad, the province has the perfect conditions to become the headquarters of your professional activity.

It’s time to discover the biggest destinations in the province of Malaga and the infrastructure they boast to receive professionals like you. In the Costa del Sol you will find a wide range of accommodation options for long stays like Livensa Living Studios Málaga Feria and Holidays2Malaga Vacational Rental, among others. Enjoy the freedom that comes with being a digital nomad and explore fascinating and pioneering destinations as you work from across the province of Malaga.

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