Spain Digital Nomad Visas: what they are and what they mean

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With the goal of attracting talent, supporting entrepreneurial values and strengthening investments, Spain has developed a new visa for digital nomads: the Spanish digital nomad visa. This new, renewable visa will last a year and is directed to foreigners that meet certain requirements. Are you thinking about living in Spain or Costa del Sol? Unbeatable weather, a wide range of leisure, culture and food and an attractive way of life await you in Malaga. In this article, we’ll explain more about Spain’s digital nomad visa. 

But, before we get there, do you know what a digital nomad is? According to its definition, a digital nomad is anyone who works online and without border or hour restrictions. It’s a trend that’s on the rise, thanks to the boom of all kinds of jobs that can be carried out from anywhere in the world (for example, writing, design or information technology). 

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Spanish Digital Nomad Visa: is it for me? 

The new Spanish digital nomad visa is directed specifically at: 

  • Digital nomads: people whose jobs allow them to work remotely and switch locations regularly. 
  • Foreigners that work remotely from Spain whose home office is located outside of Spanish territory.

In addition, all people that hold a European Union passport (within the Schengen zone) can work and live in Spain for up to six months a year without having to officially register their situation.


Requirements to Apply for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa: 

  • Prove that you’re working remotely for a company located outside of Spain.
  • Be a highly-qualified professional (with a university or post-graduate degree with professional training and/or certifications from a business school).
  • Have a minimum of 3 years professional experience.
  • Prove the existence of real work and work continuity for at least one year with the company
  • Prove that at least 80% of your income comes from foreign companies (not Spanish).
  • Prove that your company authorises remote working. 

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Once you’ve obtained the digital nomad visa, you’ll be able to apply for residency and a remote work permit from Spain. The digital nomad visa allows you to live in Spain for up to a year, although you can renew the permit for another two years as long as you keep meeting the previously mentioned requirements. 

If you’ve made it here, you’re probably seriously considering the decision to live in Spain or, more specifically, Malaga. Make the most of your time in Costa del Sol! Enjoy all kinds of cultural and leisure activities: take theatre or cooking workshops (this is the time to learn to prepare delicious Malaga recipes!) and discover the incredible world of flamenco, named an Intangible Heritage Item by UNESCO and, without a doubt, one of the main attractions of Andalusia. Explore the parks and landscapes of the province through hiking, biking or pick up a water sport; Costa del Sol boasts an unbeatable client where you can enjoy the beach throughout the entire year. Check out the best stores, art galleries and craft shops and experience magical nights with the Malaguena lifestyle. 

Living in Costa del Sol will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life; locals are very open and love meeting people from different cultures. You’ll feel at home right away, making lifetime friendships and discovering places that will leave you speechless, creating an unforgettable experience.

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