How to go about learning Spanish in the Costa del Sol: the language, culture and experiences

Learn Spanish in the Costa del Sol the only way you can: by immersing yourself in your very own language journey in the province of Malaga. To master a language, there’s nothing quite like travelling to a place where the language is native. And here in the south of Spain, you can bet on more than 300 days of sun all year round, sea, beach and a unique offer for both studying the language and having fun. So why not get stuck in? Whether  at the end you leave fluent in Spanish or not, you’ll definitely have fun while learning.

The key is creating a balance between time in a studying environment and living in the language. This helps you practise the language both in and out of the classroom. Language exchanges are a great example of a setting that can both be academic or social. Learning Spanish in the province of Malaga also means getting to know the culture in the Costa del Sol while on a trip you’ll never forget. Among other things, trying the typical food or being a tourist for a day or two inland, visiting some of the most beautiful villages in Spain are great ways of doing this. Your account of these experiences will stay with you forever, and not only in terms of mastering the Spanish vocabulary you can use to share your anecdotes with others. 

On one hand, the Costa del Sol has lots of great Spanish schools, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, and summer courses for foreigners are an attractive choice too. On the other, the Costa del Sol as a destination itself gives you the chance to enjoy countless activities on top of studying. Below you’ll find our selection of ways to become a fluent Spanish speaker while enjoying yourself in this awesome part of Spain.  


  • Do outdoor sports and meet people: from cycling to golf 

To learn Spanish or any other language, you have to practise speaking it. Doing outdoor sports and getting to know locals is a great way to do this. How about signing up to a bike tour or hike and explore the spectacular landscapes in the province while interacting with others? Or why not go on a kayak or paddle surf trip and discover impressive parts of the Costa del Sol coastline? What’s more, there are plenty of beach volleyball games along the province’s city beaches: the perfect excuse to meet new people while doing sport and getting a tan. And if you’re into golf then you’re in luck: the Costa del Sol is known worldwide as the 'Costa del Golf' thanks to its many golf courses, academies, and in general, the lifestyle you find here that encapsulates the sport.


  • Tapas and chat

Another option is to go out for tapas and have a good chat with people. In Spain, and more so in Andalusia, bars are not only physical meeting places, but they also represent a whole way of understanding how people socialise here. It’s all about getting together with friends and talking for hours. There are heaps of groups that organise free meetings and get-togethers so you can converse in bars and practise speaking other languages. Sounds pretty good, right?

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  • Visit Spanish museums

If you like art, then going to museums in the Costa del Sol will undoubtedly help you learn Spanish. The broad variety of things and history on display will amaze you. You can also sign up to a guided tour and learn about the area’s heritage or organise your own trip to see some art. And Museo Picasso in Malaga is a must. 


  • Sun, beach and the Spanish language

We can’t forget to mention the sea of course, as being by the sea always makes things better, as well as for your Spanish. In the Costa del Sol there are beaches for all tastes and types of travellers. What’s more, if you sit in one of the traditional chiringuitos on the beach, sipping a drink and with your ears pricked, you’ll discover a beautiful part of the Spanish language. Just like the way locals fry fish or cast a fishing rod, the language has been passed on from generation to generation. Taste the food, raise a glass and you’ll see how the conversation starts to flow with ease.   


  • Fiesta and live flamenco shows 

Continuing with leisure, you also have the possibility of going out and partying, practising the language while you hit the town as the nightlife in the Costa del Sol has a lot to offer. From pubs to clubs, to flamenco venues called tablaos. At the latter, beautiful Spanish words are set to music and felt, sung and danced to in equal measure. These strategies for language learning help loosen the tongue in any context.

Now you know, to learn Spanish with the province of Malaga as your backdrop, all you need is to want to master the language, and after, you can get on with organising your trip. Visit our language portal for all the facilities you need to make planning easier, and learn Spanish in the Costa del Sol while you soak up the culture. Could there be a more appealing way of experiencing another language while in a dream location?   

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