The Costa del Golf: a golfer’s paradise

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The Costa del Sol is known as the Costa del Golf for a reason. Over 70 golf courses, countless academies, the best climate in Europe, world-class golf hotels and resorts and exceptional connections by land, sea and air make the province of Malaga a real paradise for any golf lover. Find out more about the many draws of the Costa del Golf, beyond playing some holes by the Mediterranean.

An historic destination

Golf goes back a long way in the Costa del Sol. Ever since the Real Club de Campo (now the Parador de Golf de Málaga) was founded in 1925, passion for the sport has grown and grown. That said, the golf course boom didn’t take place until the 1960s. Today, the area has the highest concentration of golf courses in Europe.

Parador de Golf, golf courses in the Costa del Sol


“Starred” golf courses

Many of the golf courses in the Costa del Sol are the work of renowned architects, such as Robert Trent Jones, who designed the famous Real Club Valderrama course, which is one of the most iconic in Spain. The course was the first to host the legendary Ryder Cup outside of the UK. 

Global stars of the sport have also contributed to the design and development of many golf courses in the province. Tom Simpson, Michael Campbell, Peter Gustafsson, Cabell Robinson, Miguel Ángel Jiménez and Seve Ballesteros are just some of the names whose designs have helped create the fantastic golf courses in the Costa del Sol.


Much more than golf

But the Costa del Sol isn’t just about golf. After your day on the greens, you won’t be short on options to soak up the culture and have a good time. Indeed, if anything characterises the Costa del Sol, it’s the limitless range of activities it offers beyond golf, infusing the province of Malaga with its very own character. 

Being able to enjoy the paradise beaches of the Costa del Sol before and after each game is nothing short of pure luxury. As is walking along any of the many seafront promenades in the coastal villages of the province, which are filled with shops, bars and restaurants. And that’s not to mention the picture-postcard white villages in the inland of the province. Discover the museums, wander the historic streets of the capital and envelop yourself in the history and culture.


Shopping is another wonderful way to spend your time. The historic centres of the towns and villages in the Costa del Sol are bursting with a diverse range of shops and markets where you can stroll around and browse unique items. The centre of luxury shopping is Puerto Banús, where the biggest brands in the world compete to attract your attention. Gastronomy is also a huge draw, defined by its combination of traditional dishes and avant-garde twists, and six Michelin star restaurants

In terms of accommodation, the Costa del Sol is unbeatable with its diverse selection of high-quality places to stay. Whether you prefer a prestigious hotel or resort with its very own golf course, and specialising in golf holidays, or an apartment where you can relax between games and dream about your technique, you’ll find the perfect place for you. A number of hotels in the Costa del Sol also offer wellness centres, where you can be enveloped in an exclusive environment and gently coaxed into a deep state of relaxation.

Golf paradise in the Costa del Sol


Golf paradise in the Costa del Sol

Much more than a sport, golf is a way of life in the Costa del Sol. Most of the golf courses here are social epicentres where, in addition to practising your favourite sport, you can enjoy other sports facilities such as gyms, tennis and padel courts, and pools and saunas, relax in the club houses and take part in a diverse calendar of social events. Rubbing elbows with professional players, taking part in tournaments and making new friends: the golf course is the lynchpin of many people’s social life in the Costa del Sol. Enjoy the weather and the incredible golf courses in the Costa del Sol 365 days a year!

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