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More than just being a great experience, incentive trips also offer added value in terms of the lasting connections  fostered between colleagues, which is a fundamental aspect when it comes to creating a productive, positive and laid back work environment. What’s more, if the chosen destination is in the province of Malaga, the event is sure to turn into an experience with a difference that your guests will find difficult to forget. 

The kitchen is a magnificent tool for getting to know a place, revealing things about society, culture, and history. Everyone loves to enjoy a good meal or tapa with great company. 

We’ve thought of some ideas to help you plan your incentive trip in the Costa del Sol with gastronomy taking centre stage.



Amidst citrus and fruit trees 

Wander through orchards of fruit and citrus trees and discover the secrets of 100% organic farming. Be part of a tasting session of freshly picked citrus fruits and vegetables, and begin the day with an irresistible breakfast of local organic products. You could also sign up to a natural cosmetics workshop and learn how to prepare your own creams, gels and shampoos. The huerta where fruit and vegetables are cultivated is one of the fundamental pillars of Malagueña cuisine. Surprise your team with a gastronomic incentive trip and do something different.


Cooking competitions

A good idea for a team building activity is to organise a cooking contest. Are you up for a rice challenge to see who is the paella expert in the office? You can try this out at Taberna Alarbadero who’ll set everything up for you so your team only has to worry about having a good time.


Payoya goat’s cheese tasting

Visit a farm and enjoy a day in the country learning firsthand about the life of Payoya goats, native to the province of Malaga. Spend a day in the life of a shepherd, see the cheese-making process and go on a guided tour given by an expert cheesemaker. This is an authentic experience that unites tradition, nature and gastronomy and the Costa del Sol is the place to do it.


Espetos and pescaíto frito: two signature dishes from Malaga 

Talking about gastronomy in Malaga is synonymous with talking about pescaíto frito - fried fish - and espetos de sardinas - sardine skewers. Uncovering the best-kept secrets to preparing a good espeto is one of the things you can do in the Costa del Sol thanks to the many espeto workshops on offer. It’s an original way of immersing yourself in the gastronomic culture of Malaga. The chiringuitos - beach bars - along the Costa del Sol coast, the beaches and pleasant temperatures practically all year round complete this great gastronomic experience for visitors.

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Caviar tasting 

Explore an organic caviar processing plant and finish the tour trying a spoonful of this luxury product, accompanied with a glass of champagne or vodka. It’s an irresistible foodie experience perfect for an incentive trip. 


Iberian ham tasting

Go on a tour around the place where Iberian pigs roam free with a local guide leading the way. Learn all about how they breed these animals, the natural environment, different Iberian pig breeds and their genetic characteristics. It’s without doubt a unique spot for a corporate event. And to round off the experience, go on a lovely country walk and join a tasting where you can try one of Spain’s most precious delicacies: Iberian ham. 


Local markets

This is perfect for foodies who love getting to know typical local products, giving you the chance to discover hidden treasures from the province at quirky markets such as Atarazanas (Malaga). Chefs and traders show you firsthand the best products and dishes Malaga and the Costa del Sol have to offer. A stroll, food tastings, and of course, a tasty experience that’s hard to forget.


Wine and olive oil tourism (Enotourism and oleotourism) 

Visit an olive press or winery, and learn how they make these Spanish products. Get involved in a tasting or pairing to delve further into the food culture. Olive oil and wine tourism are two ideal ways of enjoying the natural surroundings while learning about Spain’s - and of course, Andalusia’s - treasure trove of gastronomic delights.

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Tapas trail 

A tapas tour around the town is a magnificent way to get an overall idea of what the province of Malaga is all about when it comes to its culinary creations. Visit bars and restaurants trying some of the most typical dishes along the way, like the famous porra from Antequera, ajoblanco soup or pescaíto frito

Cuisine in Malaga encompasses an endless amount of experiences that deserve to be discovered. There are also heaps of other things to enjoy in the Costa del Sol on your incentive trip. Great weather, fun dynamic cultural and leisure activities, natural parks and unbeatable outdoor settings. Find paradise beaches where you enjoy water sports with a wide selection of professional service companies specialised in organising incentive trips. Costa del Sol’s Convention Bureau has all the resources you need for planning your incentive trip, improving the work environment and boosting your team’s motivation.

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