Tips to help get you out of the bunker in golf

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Golfers are always learning and always challenging themselves. Indeed, one of the biggest challenges players have to face is how to overcome the hazards around the course, whether they be water or sand. In this post, sports technician Sevi Montes is going to explain a couple of tips to help you get the ball out of the bunker. Pay heed and get practising in any of the impressive courses in the Costa del Golf.


However, before we get going, let’s take a minute to define what the term bunker means in golf. Bunkers are sand obstacles located around the course to make the game more difficult and the desired result more complicated to achieve. There are three main types of bunkers:


Fairway bunkers

Course designers tend to locate fairway bunkers in target areas, in other words where the ball lands from the tee or in a lay-up shot on par-5 holes.

bunker golf course


Greenside bunkers

Greenside bunkers are situated close to the green to collect wayward approach shots from the fairway or the tee. There are different sizes and depths of greenside bunkers. The deeper the bunker, the more difficult it is to make a successful shot.


Waste bunkers

Waste bunkers or waste areas are natural sandy areas that are often found on the edges of links courses. Usually very large, waste bunkers in links courses are the equivalent of the rough (long grass) in other courses. 

Bunkers pose a unique and difficult challenge in the game so you need to work on your technique if you are to get the ball out of the obstacle with ease. As Sevi Montes explains in this video, you will find yourself in one of two main situations in the bunker:

  1. When there is not much sand: in this situation, as Sevi Montes explains, it is important not to open up the face of the club too much as the bounce won’t get under the sand well. So, to get the ball out of the bunker when there isn’t much sand, you need to square up the club face and use a gentle swing, hitting the sand directly, in a similar way to how you would in a normal approach shot on grass. 
  2. When there is a lot of sand: don’t forget that you can’t put your club on the ground or do a couple of practice shots in the bunker. If you want to gauge just how much sand there is under the ball, you can move your feet from side to side. If you discover there is a lot of sand under the ball, you need to use the club face. So, open up the club face and try to get the bounce to slide under the sand, without getting stuck in it.

golf bunker tips


As is often the case, this is easier said than done. The best way to improve your game is to practise, practise and practise some more and it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some classes to perfect your technique and advance more quickly. In the Costa del Golf, you’ll find many golf academies with professional teachers who will help you achieve your goals, regardless of your age or level. So what are you waiting for? Come along and enjoy playing your favourite sport in a truly unique destination.

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