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We all know that the technological advances that the 21st century has brought with it have not left us indifferent. And therefore neither has sport, including golf. This sport is a discipline that requires a lot of practice as well as theory. We can show you, and we will do so below, that the technological revolution has arrived in the world of golf to help both beginners and professional players. And in order to enjoy the many advantages that this entails, you just need to have your smartphone at hand and enjoy a good golf course like those offered by the Costa del Golf.

Without further ado, we are going to mention which are, in our opinion, the 5 best apps for golfers so that you can improve both in theory and in practice. Despite the great variety of existing golf apps, the most common technologies they include are some such as GPS, software to measure the trajectory of the ball or viewfinders. So now it's time to get to know them!


1. Hole 19

This golf app will provide you with multiple advantages thanks to its GPS and Scorecard or digital game card technology. Among others, the most outstanding and free functions with which you can improve and enjoy the game are the following:

  • Discover golf courses all over the world
  • Measure distances with maximum accuracy
  • Track your scores and stats, as well as those of your friends
  • Live-streaming and enjoy your followers' live streams

It is one of the most widely used in our country, as well as one of the best rated by users.


2. Golf Rules 2019 R&A

With this second application for golfers, you can consult both videos and information charts on the rules of the game and you will also have the opportunity to learn and test your knowledge of the sport by taking tests.

It is a totally free option and it turns out to be essential in order to find the answer to the different circumstances that may arise during the game.


3. V1 Golf

This is one of the most popular video and analysis apps for improving your technique. It allows you to record and review your strokes, as well as send your own recordings to an instructor that it also provides you with. In its free option, the following functions are worth mentioning:

  • Record, capture and analyse your strokes (editing, slow motion, drawing tools, etc.).
  • Manage your videos (tag according to club type, sort into folders, etc.).
  • Receive an analysis of your movements and lessons on video or by voice, by an instructor
  • Share on social networks
In short, it is a very functional golf application if you want to improve your game and get the perfect technique.


4. TAG Heuer Golf

An application which is full of precision and very complete, with multiple functions to offer in its free option. In addition to the most common functions, such as calculating distances or saving your own scores, it offers you other very interesting and innovative functions such as:

  • Enjoying 3D maps of courses around the world
  • Choosing the perfect club thanks to its recommendation function
  • Enjoying the experience on your TAG Heuer watch or Apple Watch
  • Check total calories burned and distance travelled 

This is what this app for golfers is like, very useful, innovative and highly recommended by its users.


5. LeadingCourses

This last application that we recommend is perfect if you want to get information to plan your future golf trip or golf experience. More specifically, this golf app will give you the opportunity to search for basic information about golf courses and golf clubs located in more than 150 countries, as well as to make reservations directly from this app. You will also be able to comment and see what other golfers publish about the courses, such as photographs, reviews, green fee rates...

Now that you know them, don't forget to download the ones that suit you best to improve in this beautiful sport. You already know that, from now on, you should include your smartphone as an essential accessory in your golf equipment. And speaking of technology, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to visit the many magnificent golf courses on the Costa del Sol through 360º virtual tours. We assure you that, just like these apps for golfers, they will not go unnoticed. Share this blog article with your best allies in this sport and, above all, let's not forget to enjoy good company and live golf... Are you coming to put it into practice on the Costa del Golf?

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