What every company ought to know about augmented reality

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While in previous posts we’ve discussed the exciting opportunity of using virtual reality in events, now it’s time to take a closer look at what the technology can do for companies. In the Costa del Sol - a tech hub that is home to many innovative digital businesses - augmented reality is becoming an increasingly important and popular technology. And there’s plenty of reasons why. If you’ve ever thought about using augmented reality to present your products or services in a visual and interactive way, this is the post for you. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the golden opportunity augmented reality offers Malaga-based companies. 


So what is augmented reality?

Combining technologies, augmented reality (AR) presents the corporate world with all sorts of business opportunities. AR is an immersive technology that promises users an incredible experience by enhancing elements in the real world. Its applications are based on IT systems that fuse the real and the interactive worlds. One of the most important features of AR is that users can tell the real world apart from the virtual world. This, in turn, offers businesses boundless opportunities to present their services in a way that is new, original and enticing.

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Enriching user (and customer) experience

As the years go by, end consumers are becoming increasingly demanding. Faced with an extensive choice of options and ever-improving technologies, user experience is a way to stand out from the crowd. The aim here is not simply to offer the product or service to the client, but rather to turn the purchasing process into an unforgettable experience. Augmented reality - using augmented reality headsets - gives companies a versatile and quality action plan. SMEs and big companies alike can improve the end customer’s purchasing experience by bringing in elements that will enhance the way they live your brand.

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How to use augmented reality in the province of Malaga

Here are some examples of real-life applications of augmented reality. A diving school, for instance, could offer potential customers the opportunity to pop on an AR headset and take a virtual dive under the sea: a great incentive to show them what they’ll experience and to get them to sign up. Any other type of water or adventure sport companies in the province of Malaga could do the same thing. Golf companies operating in the Costa del Sol, meanwhile, can also use AR - using their own or third-party apps - to offer potentials a virtual buggy tour around the fairways and greens of the 70+ courses in the province


Versatile and easy to implement

Versatile and easy to implement, augmented reality is businesses’ new best friend, whatever sector they’re in. With just a smartphone and app, companies can offer their customers immersive experiences. AR can be used for many functions, from geolocalisation and corporate marketing and sales to presenting products and services. If you haven’t yet considered integrating augmented reality into your business, we hope we’ve given you plenty of reasons to do so. Enjoy the benefits of augmented reality and join the tech movement in the Costa del Sol.

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