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Golf is for everyone regardless of age or gender. This autumn, The Jazzy Golfer - a self-declared advocate for women’s golf - visited the Costa del Sol and was overwhelmed by the golf services and facilities in the area. As you can see on her social media accounts, Jazzy touched down in Malaga on the 19 October 2021. And from the moment she arrived, she fell head over heels in love with the destination. 

In this post, we’re going to find out more about the influencer and her trip to the Costa del Sol. If you haven’t discovered the Costa del Sol’s potential as a world-class golf destination yet, we hope that The Jazzy Golfer’s experience in the province of Malaga will convince you to come and give the sport a go. Grab some clubs and we’ll see you at the tee. 


An advocate for women’s golf

The Jazzy Golfer is many things: a personal project that became a hit, the name of the woman behind the project and, most of all, a dream. And it’s no exaggeration to say so. Just four years ago, back in 2017, The Jazzy Golfer was created during a trip to Portugal when Jazzy first tried golf. Ever since, she hasn’t stopped sharing her journey and encouraging women to give the sport a go. 

Over the years, the influencer The Jazzy Golfer has earned herself a great reputation in the world of golf. The project that, in her own words (on her website, was initially intended to “document my beginners journey in learning the sport as well as showcasing the more fun side of the game” is now a phenomenon that produces content aimed to promote the sport among women players. 

The Jazzy GolferFuente: Facebook The Jazzy Golfer


Four days in the province of Malaga: gastronomy, destinations and plenty of golf

From the 19 to the 22 October, The Jazzy Golfer took an unforgettable tour of the most iconic sights of the Costa del Sol. The four days were filled with golf, beautiful weather and experiences immersing her in the local heritage, scenery and gastronomy. She was overwhelmed by what she found. 

The Jazzy Golfer documented her time in the Costa del Sol daily on her public ‘diary’, Facebook. The Brit started her day playing the incredible course at Lauro Golf in Malaga, followed by a delicious dinner of local cuisine served at La Cala Resort. A tasty end to an incredible day in Mijas

After enjoying some of the best courses in the area in the morning, The Jazzy Golfer didn’t miss the opportunity to dive right into the local culture. Her account shows her, on her third day in the Costa del Sol, exploring Marbella with its quintessentially Andalusian old town and sparkling beaches where she watched the sun slip away while sipping on a margarita. Can you imagine anything more perfect…? 

But that wasn’t all. The cherry on the cake of her experience (which was documented daily on her social media accounts, including YouTube) was a visit to Hotel Finca Cortesín. At this Casares-based resort, the content creator was given a warm welcome in the elegant decor of Finca Cortesín Golf Club so she could explore the host of the Solheim Cup, the tournament coming to the Costa del Sol in 2023. The course boasts the 9 most spectacular holes you could possibly imagine. 

influencer The Jazzy GolferFuente: Facebook The Jazzy Golfer


A golfing paradise where the sun always shines

If you asked us to sum up the province of Malaga, we would say that it’s a golfing paradise where the sun always shines. The area has countless courses located in all sorts of different landscapes, ranging from the mountainous inland to the azure coast and even areas close to towns and cities. The course you choose will depend on what you’re in the mood for and the time of year. 


Over 70 courses that will blow you away 

With over 70 golf courses that encapsulate everything you love about golf, the province of Malaga has become one of the best-known and popular destinations among golfers in the world. It is no surprise, then, that The Jazzy Golfer was amazed by her time in the Costa del Golf

The academies are another of the draws of a golfing getaway in the Costa del Sol. In the province of Malaga, the passion for the sport is such that even the most renowned names in the game have set up their own academies to promote the sport among locals and visitors. A couple of examples are Iván Hurtado Golf and Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy. At both schools you will see your game improve. 

If you still haven’t been to the Costa del Golf and everything it has to offer, what are you waiting for? Come to the province of Malaga to try out the game which is becoming more popular year on year. Courses, private classes, views, sunshine and endless beaches await so you can play your first hole with a big smile on your face.

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