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With its impressive range of hotels and conference centres, Costa del Sol is a dream destination for companies looking to host meetings, conferences and more. In addition to that, the province is packed with plenty of beaches, natural parks and sports facilities that give companies a large collection of incentive activities that it can offer. Perfect for strengthening personal and professional relationships, team members can get work done while having a great time! From water sports like scuba diving or paddle boarding, to biking, trails and adventure sports (like canyoning), here are all the sports-focused incentive activities businesses can consider when planning their next event in Costa del Sol.

Scuba diving

When you go scuba diving together, you get to share vulnerable moments: like nerves before your first dive, the hilarity of trying on a wetsuit or the gestures of complicity when there is no other way to communicate underwater. There are many ways to get your fix of scuba diving! Try “diving baptisms,” where an instructor accompanies your group and shows you everything you need to consider when diving. Scuba diving is a great incentive activity that lets team members discover the basic principles of the sport while enjoying the stunning seabed of Costa del Sol.

Incentive activities for employees in Costa del Sol


Raft building

Raft building is a fun, unique team-building activity that groups can do on the beaches of Malaga! This incentive activity is done in two or more teams. Each team will have everything they need to build their own boat: like drums, ropes and wooden boards. After building, they’ll have to test their creation in the water. All participating teams will compete in a mini race, and the first boat to reach the shore wins. This is a great excuse for some fun, healthy competition between colleagues. Try it with your own teams and you’ll see what we mean!


Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is a great sport for water sports lovers of all ages and skill levels. Take your team to an introductory lesson and let them have at it! Participants can kneel or stand on the board, depending what they’re comfortable with, and explore the Mediterranean Sea from right on top of it. Added bonus? Between the potential of falling off the board, the adrenaline of being out on the water and being able to see the sunset from your board, this incentive activity is both fun and exciting. (If you’re really brave, try a paddle board yoga class! We think you’ll love it.)

Company incentive activities in Costa del Sol



Looking for an incentive activity that’s relaxing, exciting and paves the way for beautiful views? Try kayaking! This is a low-difficulty sport that can be done individually or as a group, in double or triple kayaks. Employees are sure to connect with one another as they paddle through the water and to the finish line together, and take in the stunning vistas of life on the Mediterranean Sea.


Sports driving

You can’t replace adrenaline and speed! Costa del Sol has several circuits where colleagues can go go-karting. Organize your employees into groups or teams and enjoy a fun race around safe tracks, or for some real bonding, let your team compete against other teams and see who wins! Want to really impress? Head to the Ascari circuit (Ronda) and race around in a Lotus Elise, a Porsche or a BMW M6. This sport is a great way to really feel like part of a team.



Costa del Sol is a paradise for golf lovers, and luckily, golf is also a great incentive activity. Golf promotes fun competition in the form of putt or swing games. Plus, it doesn’t matter if participants have ever played before! All golf courses on the “Costa del Golf” have instructors who can teach participants how to play.

Golf as an incentive activity in Malaga


Biking trails

Biking trails are great incentive activities for groups because they force everyone to stay together until the end! Costa del Sol is filled with beautiful landscapes that you can see by bike. Plus, there are tons of bike rental companies that can give you the equipment you need to ride down exciting trails on two wheels.

Business incentive activities in Malaga


Horseback riding trails

Looking to combine the beauty of the environment with physical exercise and a love for animals? Do some group horseback riding! Contact one of the province’s many horseback riding companies, hop on a trail in the interior of the countryside of Costa del Sol (like Cortijo Las Minas!) and admire its impressive landscapes.



More and more, companies are branching out and trying canyoning. Cueva del Gato (Ronda) or Cueva de Nerja (Nerja) are just some of the many places to try this exciting activity in Costa del Sol. Participants will get a chance to test their adrenaline and enjoy an experience like they’ve never had before.  


Ready for some fun team bonding? Try sports incentive activities in Costa del Sol! Together, you can all exercise, explore the great outdoors, try something new and get to know one another on a new level. Plus, Costa del Sol is a great place for companies to visit all year long. Find more ways to organize unforgettable incentive trips to the province here.


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