Organised golf holidays in the Costa del Sol

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If you’re planning a golf getaway with your friends and don’t want to worry about a single thing, an organised golf holiday is for you. Leave everything to the experts and dedicate all your energy to having a great time. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of choosing a getaway in which every last detail has been taken care of. 

1. Don’t worry about a thing 

The main advantage of choosing an organised golf holiday is the wonderful feeling of not having a worry in the world. After all, other people will be tasked with taking care of the more tedious aspects of planning a getaway. From booking flights, reserving the hotel and organising transfers to buying green fees for the courses, hiring (if needed) golf equipment and arranging classes, organising a trip is no mean feat. We’re sure you’ll agree that it will be a huge relief to pass on the burden of some of these tasks. 

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2. Place your trust in the experts

Almost all of us have doubts when we’re booking our holidays. Did I choose the right destination? Will the hotel be as impressive as it looks in the photos? Trusting the experts gives you total peace of mind. Your agent knows the destination like the back of their hand, not to mention, they understand the specific needs of golf travellers. Communication with your travel agency should be clear and regular. The more details your agent has about your tastes and expectations, the better they can do their job. 

3. Know that quality is guaranteed

Is there any better feeling than knowing that everything will go exactly to plan? When you choose an organised golf holiday, you can be confident in every aspect of the trip. Rest easy knowing that the agency planning your getaway has a wide network of providers and partners you can count on. And that they are skilled in choosing the very best options for you. If an obstacle were to present itself (you are forced to choose a different hotel or golf course at the last minute, for instance), you can fall back on your agency’s contacts to resolve the matter quickly and smoothly. The Costa del Sol boasts over 70 world-class golf courses. These institutions have been upholding the highest standards for decades, guaranteeing you the utmost quality. 

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4. Enjoy your getaway beyond the course

However much you love the sport, we all know that golf getaways are not tied exclusively to the course. In the Costa del Sol, there are a whole myriad of ways for you to spend your time away from the fairways, from lazing on the beach, enjoying elegant beach clubs and exploring the vibrant streets of Malaga to savouring the local cuisine and going shopping in the exclusive stores in Marbella. Your travel agency will be able to recommend the experiences best tailored to your tastes and needs. 


Are you dreaming of staying in a luxury hotel with a golf course? Of soaking up beautiful landscapes as you play your favourite sport close to stunning beaches and pretty towns and villages? The Costa del Golf is a destination that combines everything you’ve ever wanted from a getaway. Make your holiday truly unique and don’t worry about a single thing: choose an organised golf holiday in the province of Malaga. 

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