Genalguacil, a pretty little village with a connection to the world of art

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If you love contemporary art and pretty little villages, the province of Malaga has got a lovely surprise for you. Genalguacil is a village-cum-art gallery in the Costa del Sol that will blow you away with its breathtaking naturescapes, fascinating Moorish history and selection of artwork. How about planning a getaway here with your friends to roam the wilderness and wander picturesque streets

Sitting atop a hill 520m above sea level, Genalguacil is 45km from Ronda and 150km from Malaga city. The further you venture out of the village, the more woodland you will find. With over 90% of the municipality covered in trees and sitting on the foothills of Serranía de Ronda, Genalguacil is truly one-of-a-kind; a place that will whisk you up in nature, transport you back to Arab times and throw you into the world of art. Knowing all that, it should come as no surprise that Genalguacil has been included on the list of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain


Art Encounters

genalguacil village gallery


Genalguacil is perhaps best known for Encuentros de Arte, an art event that has been held every two years in the month of August since 1994. The event aims to bring together artists representing different styles and different countries in the village to share ideas and become part of daily life. The work created by the artists is then displayed in the streets and plazas, earning Genalguacil the title of pueblo museo (village-cum-art gallery). 

Over a hundred painters, sculptors, photographers and ceramists have come to Genalguacil to leave their artistic mark. The artists are provided with everything they need for the course of the two-week event by the municipality. In exchange, the work they produce becomes a part of the village’s heritage, being exhibited outdoors or in the local gallery, depending on the materials they are made of. As a result, every single corner of the village - streets, plazas, corners, façades and roofs - is covered in art, turning Genalguacil into an outdoor art gallery. 

The collection at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo "Fernando Centeno López", the local art gallery, offers visitors an insight into the many pieces of art created during the event. The gallery also runs temporary exhibitions throughout the year. And if all that weren’t enough, Genalguacil also has a Centro de Artesanía, an artisanship centre, whose mission is to showcase and promote the traditional work of local artisans. 


Genalguacil’s sights and naturescapes



San Pedro Mártir de Verona church is one of Genalguacil’s most beautiful buildings. Baroque with Mozarabic elements, the place of worship was first constructed in the 16th century though it was destroyed in the Morisco Revolt in 1570 and later rebuilt in the 18th century. The church has an octagonal tower and three naves separated by semi-circular arches. From the church esplanade, you can breathe in far-reaching vistas over the verdant scenery. To the south of the village, you can wander through the extraordinary Spanish firs populating Reales Chicos de Sierra Bermeja. 


A small village that can easily be visited in a morning or afternoon, Genalguacil is the ideal destination for a country getaway with your friends. While you’re in the area, you could also visit other pretty little villages such as Jubrique, Gaucín, Alpandeire and more. Discover other destinations in inland Costa del Sol and all the experiences you can live by clicking here

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