Best coworking spaces to work on the Costa del Sol: productivity in paradise

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With the arrival of the New Year, many professionals are looking to rethink their goals and explore new ways of working.

So, how about working on your projects in an environment that combines the charm of the Mediterranean with the efficiency of collaborative workspaces? The Costa del Sol, with its warm waters and brilliant sunshine, is not only a tourist destination; it’s also a paradise for those looking to increase their productivity in an inspiring environment.

So, if you want to find out more about the best coworking spaces in our destination, look no further. All the information you need is right here!

Reasons to choose the Costa del Sol as your workplace

If you are looking for a reason to choose the Costa del Sol as your workplace, we can give you several:

  • Heavenly weather: With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it offers a stable and pleasant temperature. This not only improves mood, but also creates an environment conducive to constant work.
  • Inspiring natural beauty: from beaches to mountains, the province’s diverse landscape can provide an inspiring backdrop for your professional projects.
  • Relaxed lifestyle: the harmonious integration between work and personal life is a distinctive feature. After work, you can relax by taking a walk on the beach or enjoying the wealth of cultural events on offer.
  • International connections: with an international airport in Malaga, the Costa del Sol facilitates travel and commercial connections. Ideal for those looking for opportunities globally.
  • Growing Business Infrastructure: the business community in this destination is growing, providing opportunities for collaboration and networking.

By choosing the Costa del Sol as your workplace, you will embark on a unique experience where productivity merges with enjoyment, thus creating an environment conducive to achieving your work goals in the New Year.

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Which are the best coworking spaces on the Costa del Sol?

Now that you know the main reasons to choose the Costa del Sol as a work destination, it’s time to unveil some of the best coworking spaces you can find.

La Aduana Coworking

In the heart of Malaga, La Aduana Coworking has office spaces both in the historic centre and in La Malagueta.

It has private offices for 1 to 12 people, combining the comfort of a coworking space with the need for privacy. Fully equipped and air-conditioned, they allow you to take or make calls and use the meeting room.

In addition, they provide other services, such as corporate events, the option of a virtual office with a registered business address, and hourly meeting room access, among others.

Without a doubt, this is a space that will boost your productivity and business image in an unbeatable location.

Metropolitan Design Lab

Another option in the city of Malaga is Metropolitan Design Lab.

They put at your disposal a comfortable and cosy space available every day of the week, at any time and at a competitive price.

Enjoy a fast internet connection, printer and scanner, meeting room, storage, office, cleaning service and community mailbox. Also, their workstations give you all the space you need as they are XXL.

First Workplaces

First Workplaces, also in Malaga city centre, has spaces that are located in a completely renovated historic building. Just a stone’s throw from the sea and in a vibrant area with various services and green spaces, it offers a dynamic and attractive environment.

Its focus is on natural light, with innovative meeting areas, large shared spaces and all the necessary features. The offices are fully equipped and even offer the option of a balcony.

Dream coworking

In Torremolinos you can also find shared workspaces, such as Dream Coworking.

They provide the possibility to secure your own work corner at highly affordable rates and with no long-term commitments. Whether you are looking for a complete office with all the services for your company or prefer to immerse yourself in the dynamism of a coworking space, you can have exactly what you need.

In addition, you will get your own personal key to access your space at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Connect coworking

With offices both in Mijas and Fuengirola, Conecta Coworking is a space that allows you to advance your professional career and projects. They provide everything you need to work easily and at highly competitive prices.

Their services include: high speed internet, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, natural light, printer, scanner, photocopier, a meeting room with a whiteboard and projector (for up to 10 people), reception area with coffee machine, and virtual office, among others.


Marbella is also an excellent destination to work, and WeCowork is the perfect coworking space, close to Puerto Banús and the city centre. Open 24h, 7 days a week.

They offer all-inclusive pricing without blocking periods, providing a complete environment that encourages concentration, connections and business momentum. Enjoy unrestricted access, fast Wi-Fi, kitchen, reception services, printing services, free parking, among many other services.

Experience the best coworking atmosphere in a spacious, well-lit and cosy space!

Estepona Coworking

Estepona Coworking, located just 3 minutes from the beach, provides an ideal workplace for professionals and entrepreneurs.

It includes essential services such as Wi-Fi, coffee and tea, as well as an equipped meeting room. With printer, photocopier and scanner available, this space offers a productive environment.

In addition, adjustable air conditioning ensures comfort throughout the year.

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Choose your favourite coworking on the Costa del Sol and work in paradise

In short, the Costa del Sol not only invites you to work, but to immerse yourself in a work experience where productivity is in harmony with natural beauty, a relaxed lifestyle and growing business opportunities.

As well as the companies mentioned here, there are more and more spaces adding to this trend, providing even more options for those looking for a unique work environment.

So, choose your favourite coworking space, unleash your creativity and work in our paradise, where every workday becomes a rewarding and enriching experience.

Welcome to the perfect balance between work and enjoyment on the Costa del Sol!

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