How to stop chunking your golf shots

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Are you tired of hitting the ground before the ball? Known as a chunked shot, or frogged shot, this is a very common mistake, particularly when the grass is very short, very long or the ground is damp. In this post, we will take a look at the advice given by sports technician Javier Varela on how to stop hitting the grass before the ball, an error that inevitably results in a loss of power. Read on to improve your technique. 

Javier Varela explains how to avoid the infamous chunked shot using a sand wedge. He offers two pieces of advice. The first is to use the bounce of the club, particularly when there is a lot of grass. In this situation, you want to open up the club so the bounce glides over the ground in a move that Javier Varela compares with a boat at sea. 

Varela’s second tip is to adopt a more upright position. He recommends moving your hands slightly higher up the club to make you stand more vertically. The reason for this is that when the leading edge of the club dominates, the clubface stays square for much longer, thanks to the design of the club. 

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Improve your technique at the academies in the Costa del Sol

Whether you’ve been playing golf for a long time or you’re new to the sport, it’s a good idea to invest some time in taking classes to correct common mistakes and improve your skills. In addition to chunked shots, you have likely picked up a number of bad habits. This is completely normal and the best way to correct them is with the help of professional instructors. 

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Beyond impressive golf courses, the Costa del Sol boasts a large number of academies offering golf both private and group golf classes for all ages and levels. Learning alongside professionals is the best way to advance in the sport. Whether you’re travelling with your friends or family, a golf getaway in the Costa del Sol will be a whole lot of fun. If you’d like to find out everything the province of Malaga offers golf lovers, download the Definitive Guide to the Costa del Golf for free. The best way to explore the Costa del Golf. 

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