The 5 best surf spots in Malaga

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Over recent years surfing has become very popular in the province of Malaga. So if you live to surf or just fancy giving it a go, grab your board and head to the five best surf spots on the Costa del Sol where you’ll find everything you need, i.e. waves, wind and sun. There are also a number of surf schools up and down the coastline that offer a range of different classes that will get you out on your board in no time. Keep reading to find out more.

Surfing beaches in Malaga


El Chanquete beach - Málaga

The first of the five best surf spots on the Costa del Sol is located in the capital, specifically in the El Palo area. Yes, we’re talking about El Chanquete beach (also known as El Dedo beach) which is one of the favourite surf spots among local surfers. The beach is connected to El Candado Sports Club, providing a range of different services, including parking, showers and more. The Poniente (westerly) and Levante (easterly) winds blow here and the countless beach bars located on the lively seafront promenade are the perfect place to chill out and regain your strength after a day on the waves.


Benajarafe beach - Vélez-Málaga

The municipality of Vélez-Málaga is home to another of the top surf spots in Malaga: Benajarafe beach. With easy access and plenty of parking, this beach is best for surfing when the Levante wind is blowing. Head to the part of the beach closest to the village to catch the best waves.


Pijil - Lagos beach

You don’t have to venture very far out of the municipality of Vélez-Malaga to come across another of the best surf spots on the Costa del Sol: Pijil - Lagos beach, located in the Lagos neighbourhood (between the municipalities of Algarrobo and Torrox). The beach has a moderate swell practically every day of the year and, if you head to the western side of the beach, you’ll be sure to catch some great waves.

Surfing Costa del Sol


Artola – Cabopino beach

Not only is it one of the most beautiful beaches on the Malaga coastline, Artola - Cabopino beach, in Marbella, is also one of the most popular among surfers in and outside Malaga. The best place to surf here is between the breakwater and Cabopino marina where the sand will guarantee great waves, offering experienced surfers a fantastic spot to practise their tricks.


Bil-Bil beach - Benalmádena

Bil-Bil beach is located close to Benalmádena marina. Sitting in the heart of Benalmádena town, the beach’s beauty and great atmosphere make it a favourite among locals. There is also a good surfing community here, as the Levante wind combined with the sandy beach create the perfect conditions for catching some amazing waves.


Surf schools in Malaga

You can take part in a wide range of outdoor and adventure activities in the Costa del Sol, including surfing. There are a large number of surf schools located along the coastline offering, in particular, beginners classes. La Mar de Bien, on Torrevigía beach (Benalmádena) is one such school, where the great conditions and orientation of the beach make it the perfect spot to surf and paddle surf. Easy to access and calm, the beach is also ideal for making your debut in the sport.

Surf schools in Malaga


In the municipality of Nerja, Life Adventure school boasts expert teachers and many years’ surfing experience. In addition to chasing waves, with Life Adventure you can also enjoy lots of other activities, including Jeep rides, hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding and more

Nalusur is another school that will help you get out on your board. Located in Marbella, the school offers various types of classes tailored to your level, from beginner to advanced. 

All these schools give you the opportunity to take classes and hire all the equipment you need to surf or paddle surf, including boards, wetsuits and accident insurance. So all you have to do is pick a beach, choose a school and get out on the water to surf and enjoy other water sports on the Costa del Sol.


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