Typical breakfasts at Costa del Sol

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It is said that, to know the gastronomy of a place, you must taste what locals eat. Every day is started in a very healthy way at Costa del Sol, with breakfast based on the Mediterranean diet. Here we show you the most classical of Málaga region. Set your alarm clock and start your day with the aim of tasting the first meal of the morning!


Toasts with olive oil

The olive oil is one of the region's identity symbols. This golden liquid, mainly produced in Antequera and Serranía de Ronda counties, is usually poured over a toast and served with coffee or juice. A very simple breakfast, but really healthy... And tasteful!


 Bread with olive oil, tomato and Spanish ham

This is an evolution of the previous one. And what an evolution! A more complete and tasteful option, since it has tomato vitamins and adds the energy and incredible taste of Spanish ham. Don't leave without trying it!


The pitufo

The pitufo (smurf) is a little piece of bread, the most typical in Málaga. It is usually toasted, and served with olive oil, butter or any ingredient you can imagine. The most typical is the mixto, with sweet ham and cheese. If you want to make a break during your walk around the centre, you can find it in almost every bar.

Would you like to know why it is called "smurf"? At the 80ies, the Panificadora Mateo Luque (a bakery) designed a little piece of bread, specially thought for children, with a reduced size. To promote it, they used a neon sign with the image of the famous cartoon The Smurfs. It was extremely successful and people quickly associated the piece of bread with the neon sign. Curious, right?


Mollete de Antequera

It is Antequera region's most traditional toast, although it has been extended along the whole province. Its rounded shape, its delicate centre and the short mood it is baked, make the mollete perfect to be toasted and served with any thing. It is well known all over Andalusia, and even the Málaga chef Dani García included the mollete de Antequera in its restaurant menu.


Chocolate with churros

Attention sweet-teethed! This is your breakfast. Perfect to give yourself a craving, churros (Spanish typical fritters) with chocolate are a breakfast for champions. The churro is a wheat dough flour, fried into oil until golden. They are served with hot chocolate and they are a flavours explosion when mixed. So special that it has been already exported to places such as Tokyo, London or New York.


 Manteca colorá

This breakfast, typical from inner places, will give you the necessary energy to deal with a hard working day. Its origin comes from  what rural people eat as breakfast, since physical work required filling food.

This pig lard with species like sweet pepper, bay and oregano among others, is added to toasted bread, a breakfast which will surely amaze you!

We can find other typical lards at the inner region too. There you could have for breakfast toasts with white lard, zurrapa, chicharrones or loin with lard, all of them different varieties of lard. We can't wait to taste them!



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