The Mediterranean diet: healthy living heritage

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Have you tried all kinds of diets and nothing seems to work? What about removing the excess fat of the summer every year when autumn comes? Well, you don’t have to punish yourself with an extremely rigorous diet- The key is to make yours a fresh and healthy way of eating: the Mediterranean diet.

More than a diet, a healthy lifestyle

Holidays are associated with heavy meals and chaos in nutritional habits.  With the Mediterranean diet you can eat healthy, varied, fresh and natural food, which will help bring a new lifestyle. This diet is considered a good that everyone should include in their life and is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

If you travel to the Costa del Sol, you will find that the most typical dishes of the province invite you to eat healthily without prohibitions. So, you can enjoy delights like white garlic soup (cold soup made of almonds, garlic, bread and oil and flavoured with grapes), the porra antequerana (a cold tomato cream served with tuna) or the ensalada malagueña (a salad with a fantastic combination of oranges , olives and cod). Dishes where local, fresh and suggestive products abound.

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

In the Mediterranean diet processed foods are replaced by fresh products. In fact, this diet arose from the need to consume what was grown in the fields. In the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet the consumption of fruits and vegetables, pulses, nuts, fish and white meat is emphasized - and without depriving yourself of a glass of wine to accompany your meal!

The low calorie intake will make you more fit and avoid becoming overweight. In addition, this way of understanding food and life gives you an extra dose of optimism, helping you feel particularly well and with a good taste in the mouth.

Discover the typical recipes of Malaga’s cuisine that are part of this diet and fight against the excesses.

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