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Jan 01, 1970

Malaga on the move: Costa del Sol for athletes

For many people, sports are a way of life! And they can’t enjoy a vacation without a little bit of friendly competition—a.k.a., a good sports game. Lucky for them, Costa del Sol ...

Apr 06, 2020

10 child-friendly hotels in Costa del Sol

When it comes to planning a family trip, finding the right accommodations is half the battle. If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you choose a hotel with plenty of activities ...

Apr 02, 2020

Cool restaurants in Marbella for foodies

Marbella is often called "the capital of luxury," and for good reason. Only the most demanding travellers visit Marbella, mostly for its excellent beaches, year-round mild ...

Apr 02, 2020

Spend a week driving through the white villages of Malaga

Looking for a new kind of trip in Costa del Sol? Why not take a road trip? This 336-kilometre route through Malaga’s beautiful white villages promises seven days of incredible ...

Mar 29, 2020

Costa del Sol has everything you need for a happy life

Those who live in Costa del Sol know why it’s a gem: its mild climate all year round, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea (just off its coast) and its cuisine are just some of the ...

Mar 29, 2020

Spend the weekend driving through the White Villages of Malaga

One weekend, 60 kilometres and five picturesque towns in Costa del Sol—what could be better than that? From Casares to Ronda, this road trip through the white villages of Malaga ...

Mar 24, 2020

Celebrating Easter with the kids? Here are 10 things to do in Costa del Sol

Holy Week is a great time for a family holiday to Costa del Sol. Looking for something to do in Malaga with your kids? Get outside and go to a natural park or the zoo, play sports ...

Mar 16, 2020

Relaxation in Costa del Sol: How to disconnect during your trip

Planning your next trip? Few things are more exciting than some well-deserved serenity, and taking a trip to Costa del Sol is a great way to make sure you get it. Holidays are ...

Mar 06, 2020

A foodie’s guide to Malaga: Tapas you can't miss

Malaga is popular amongst foodies for its local delicacies, many of which are served in the form of delicious hot and cold tapas. When you visit, eating tapas is a must! Find out ...

Mar 05, 2020

Easter in Malaga and the Costa del Sol: Experience the Tradition

In Costa del Sol, Holy Week—the week leading up to Easter—is one of the most celebrated weeks of the year. All week long, different Malaga municipalities, including inland towns ...

Mar 04, 2020



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