The golf courses in the Costa del Sol are sustainable

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With its glistening coastline and beautiful weather all year round, the Costa del Sol is nothing short of paradise for lovers of sun, sea and sand. Nevertheless, this part of Spain is not just a mecca for beach and nature lovers, it is also a haven for golf enthusiasts, boasting no fewer than 70 world-class courses. You will be pleased to hear that the Costa del Sol is blazing the trail for sustainability in the industry. The courses in the Costa del Sol not only promise an exceptional golf experience, but they have also adopted innovative and sustainable measures that are proof of their commitment to looking after the environment and balancing luxury and environmental responsibility. Sustainable energy in golf is already a reality in the Costa del Sol.


The sustainable shine of solar energy

One of the biggest achievements in implementing sustainable energy in golf in the Costa del Sol is the widespread adoption of solar panels. The destination enjoys a sunny climate practically all year round, which makes it not only the perfect candidate for playing a round or two, but also for solar energy use. You are likely to see solar panels at golf courses throughout the Costa del Sol, with many legendary courses already taking up the initiative. At Chaparral Golf Club, the carpark at La Zagaleta Golf Club and Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, solar panels are generating clean and renewable energy, drastically reducing our dependence on conventional energy sources and offsetting our carbon footprint.

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Green irrigation systems 

In an area where water is like gold dust, being efficient and responsible with the resource is of extreme importance. Over 80% of the golf courses in the Costa del Sol have therefore embraced innovation by introducing irrigation systems that use reclaimed water. By purifying and treating residual waters, the reclaimed water becomes a vital source of irrigation for courses, preventing drinking water being used. Not only does this measure conserve this priceless resource, it also helps protect the local aquifers and prevents the overuse of water resources, which are critical for the ecosystem. Another sustainable measure introduced in courses such as Añoreta Golf and La Hacienda Alcaidesa in the Costa del Sol is to use Bermuda grass on the greens. This variety of grass is more resistant to the heat, can be irrigated using recycled waters, reduces the use of pesticides and is resistant to salinity.


Eco-friendly technologies 

Beyond solar energy and water management, sustainable golf courses in the Costa del Sol are embracing advanced technologies to optimise energy consumption. Efficient lighting systems and smart air conditioning are just the start. The introduction of energy management systems enables courses to use electricity more efficiently, thereby reducing operational costs and lowering their impact on the environment. Smart practices not only benefit the planet, but they also bolster the region’s reputation as a tourist destination that is committed to looking after the environment.

irrigation golf course


The future of the golf courses in the Costa del Sol is green 

The Costa del Sol is proof that sustainability is not just a trend, but rather a solid commitment to conserving the natural environment and building a greener future. By introducing solar panels, using reclaimed water responsibly for irrigation and adopting advanced technologies, sustainable energy in golf is here. The golf courses in the destination are paving the way to a more sustainable industry. Beyond the green fairways and challenging holes, the golf courses in the Costa del Sol are becoming excellent examples of how luxury and environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand. By taking these sustainable measures, the province of Malaga is not only improving its own sustainability, but it’s also setting a benchmark and encouraging other regions to protect the planet too. 

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