Ten spots of the Costa del Sol that will make you succeed on Instagram

The province of Malaga is full of photogenic places. Light, colour and the perfect blend of nature and architecture are infallible ingredients to take the best shots for your Instagram account. Here we suggest some spots to blow your followers away.

1. Puente del Tajo in Ronda

The location of the town of Ronda is amazing. It is set on a rocky massif pierced by the Guadalevin River Gorge, which divides the city into two. The Puente Nuevo, built in the eighteenth century, connects these two parts and gives us spectacular images of the surroundings.


2. The Balcony of Europe

Nerja has been listed as the most charming seaside village in Spain. Apart from the beauty of the town itself, you can also enjoy its coastline full of cliffs and coves. There is a place in the municipality that fuses these two attractions, a spot where Nerja overlooks the Mediterranean (almost goes into it) at the end of a path. That spot is called the Balcon de Europa (the Balcony of Europe) as it looks like the prow of the continent.



3. The Gibralfaro viewpoint

From here, not only you will enjoy the best views of Malaga, but also of a historical site which invites you to recall the medieval past of the city, with its Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle.


4. Cenador of the Glicinias at Malaga’s Botanical Garden

In the central-northern area of the city of Malaga, we find the Botanical Garden of La Concepcion, a beautiful English-style space with over 56 acres  where more than 2,000 species are grown. One of these species is the glicinia (wisteria), a climbing plant from the Far East with a purple flower. Inside the Jardin de la Concepcion, you can walk under a roof made of this plant in the so-called Cenador de las Glicinias.



5. Peña de los Enamorados (The Rock of Love)

The Vega de Antequera is dominated by an amazing human-shaped form: the face of a man lying. Its name comes from a legend that tells the tragic ending of two lovers, a Christian knight and a Moorish princess. It is said that they threw themselves from the mountain because of their imposible love.



6. The Torcal de Antequera

Once here, you will look around and start to feel you are dreaming. Something like an imaginary world made of stone where endless capricious and impossible shapes form a landscape of another planet. Over 3,280 feet high and 12 kilometers from Antequera, the Torcal has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



7. The Caminito del Rey

Along 4.3 miles, attached to the walls of the impressive Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (Gaitanes Gorge), there is a path suspended over the Guadalhorce River, in the area known as El Chorro. Any selfie here will overwhelm your Instagram followers.



8. The Hall of Cataclysm in the Cave of Nerja

Visiting the Nerja Cave a is an experience you shouldn’t miss. This is one of the most impressive cavities you can see in the world. Spaces of the amplitude of a cathedral, fabulous formations or the oldest paintings of mankind, are some of its attractions. But we highlight a reason for you to come: in the Hall of Cataclysm you will find the largest natural column in the world, almost 105 feet high. Get your camera ready, hold it very still and bear in mind that flash is not permitted.



9. Casabermeja Graveyard

The uniqueness of this space definitely deserves to be immortalised. Casabermeja Graveyard has been declared Place of Cultural Interest and Historical Heritage of Spain. Located on a hillside in the municipality of Casabermeja, it can be seen from many points. An enclosure full of mausoleums and pinnacles of traditional architecture that whitens the beautiful landscape. 


10. And now, your favorite spot: #VisitaCostaDelSol

You are adding the tenth Instagram spot to this selection. Upload a picture with the hashtag #VisitaCostaDelSol and show us that place that has particularly impressed you. You have plenty to discover on the Costa del Sol. Go ahead and participate!


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