Want to learn Spanish in the sun? Here are five Spanish schools in Marbella

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One of the best ways to learn a new language, particularly if it’s relatively different from your mother tongue, is to take some classes at a good language school. A lovely place to work on your Spanish skills is Marbella. In this post, we’re going to list five excellent language academies where you can practise your verbs, work on your vocabulary and ultimately start chatting away in the language. Keep reading. 


Immerse yourself in Spanish in the Costa del Sol 

The Costa del Sol is an exceptional destination to learn Spanish and fully immerse yourself in the language. To acquire a second - or perhaps a third - language, interacting with native speakers and living the local lifestyle are a must. And in the province of Malaga you can do exactly that. Not only is it a world-class destination for golfers, tech companies and event planners, it also has all the ingredients you need for your linguistic immersion. In Marbella in particular, locals and foreigners rub shoulders on a day to day basis. The locals themselves are renowned for their disposition which is as sunny as the weather. And then there are all sorts of sports and leisure activities on offer where you can put your new-found language skills to the test. 


Five Spanish schools in Marbella

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Turilang is a language school in Marbella with a difference. Originality is at the heart of everything the school does. The private academy is unique in that it combines experiences with language learning, fully immersing you in Spanish. There are a range of different courses available, depending on your needs, from Spanish for accountancy, business or digital marketing. You can also combine your classes with tourist and gastronomic experiences. 


Spanish Language Center (SLC)

If you are someone who puts value in experience, Spanish Language Center is the option for you. The school has been operating in Marbella since 1988 and, standing testament to its excellence, has gained accreditation as an Instituto Cervantes school where you can learn the basics and master the complexities of the language. The quality of the services and resources offered to students are SLC’s defining features, paired with its comprehensive range of courses, ranging from semi-intensive and intensive to special courses, online classes, exam preparation and even classes for training future au pairs. 

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Don Quijote Marbella

And we move from one well-established centre to another. Named after the protagonist of Miguel de Cervantes’ famous novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, Don Quijote speaks of the cornerstone of Spanish culture. The school offers a wide range of classes and courses: various intensive courses, summer camps, exam preparation and even premium programmes for internships and families. If you’re thinking of joining the Chamber of Commerce, sitting the DELE or SIELE exams or looking for private classes, Don Quijote is for you. And as an added bonus, it’s just steps from Marbella’s main beaches. 



LinguaSur is a great option for visitors and digital nomads as they offer short Spanish courses for people who are coming and going. If you’re on holiday or visiting Marbella for work and only have a few days available, you can sign up to weekend classes or courses lasting just a few days at the school. All the classes are tailored to your needs and are paired with a selection of extra activities such as yoga and spa days so that you can relax and make the most out of your language skills. 


Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI)

And to round off this list, we couldn’t not mention one of the keystones of language learning in the town. Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Marbella (EOI), also known as Puerta de la Mar, is the town’s official language school, which has a department dedicated to Spanish for foreigners. The centre has a wide range of resources, including classrooms and textbooks, and offers tutorials and intensive classes. It’s a great option if you want to learn the basics and enjoy the structure of a more traditional school. 


This list is, nevertheless, non-exhaustive. There are plenty of other language schools in Marbella that we didn’t have space for such as Instituto Internacional de Idiomas (III) and Enforex, both of which are Instituto Cervantes accredited academies. So now you’ve got an idea about the Spanish schools that await in Marbella, how about you start planning your trip to the cosmopolitan town?

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