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Jan 01, 1970

Five great spots to go canyoning in Malaga province

Inland province of Malaga is an excellent place to enjoy adventure sports such as canyoning. The karst nature of the land has resulted in the most impressive topographies, ...

Oct 20, 2021

How to get out of the rough on the golf course

One of the most complicated situations golfers can find themselves in is when their shot lands in wet and thick grass. Nevertheless, like with everything in this sport, you can ...

Oct 20, 2021

Valderrama Masters: a tournament hosted at one of the most legendary courses in the world

The Estrella Damm NA Andalucía Masters, also known as the Valderrama Masters, has been part of the European Tour Race to Dubai since 2010. Named an “event of exceptional public ...

Oct 18, 2021

Team motivation need a boost? Plan an incentive trip to the Costa del Sol

Incentive trips are a benefit that employees greatly appreciate. Offered by companies as a reward for having reached a certain goal, incentive trips single out a number of ...

Oct 15, 2021

Live the colours of autumn at Copper Forest in Malaga

The fresh breeze and the evolving tones of the trees announce the arrival of autumn. In the Costa del Sol, there is a place you simply have to go to feel connected to the changing ...

Oct 13, 2021

Make planning your business trip easier with these new technologies

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), over 10% of journeys undertaken around the world are for business. In recent years, the world of business travel has seen ...

Oct 08, 2021

Virtual events: how to maximise your audience

Popularised during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events are here to stay. One of the benefits of events held online - or in a hybrid format - is that they are a great way to ...

Oct 08, 2021

Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf: the closest 18-hole course to Malaga

Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf is an 18-hole golf course that is the closest of all the courses in the Costa del Sol to Malaga city. It was redesigned in 2007 by Miguel Ángel ...

Oct 08, 2021

Creative events: the way to make a lasting impact

Events are one of the pillars of many companies’ marketing strategy. And they are also an exceptional tool to help you achieve specific goals, such as giving your brand ...

Oct 07, 2021

Why working from home in Malaga is a great idea

In our increasingly digitised world, working from home has become, for many, a daily reality. One that was further accelerated by months of lockdown around the world due to the ...

Oct 07, 2021

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Jun 11, 2021



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