May plans: unique festivals you can't miss

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In May, spring arrives in the province of Malaga, bringing with it a series of Unique Festivals that will immerse you in the cultural and festive of Costa del Sol. If you're wondering what to do in the province during this month, here's a tour of some of the most prominent celebrations you can't miss.

Discover the magic of May on the Costa del Sol: Unique Festivals you must experience

May is an ideal month to come to the province of Malaga and enjoy spring by experiencing its main Unique Festivals. Are you up for discovering them?

Gastronomic Unique Festivals

Fuengirola dresses in colors and flavors from around the world with its Feria Internacional de los Países. For five days, the fairground becomes a cultural journey without leaving the city, with gastronomy, music, and traditions from different countries.

From Japanese sushi to Brazilian carnival, here you will find a unique experience for your senses.

Coín celebrates the Fiesta de la Naranja where the city is filled with activities centered around citrus fruits, with oranges being the star ingredient.

You'll find traditional dishes such as freshly squeezed juice, orange salad with cod, and the typical "hervía" soup, offering visitors a unique gastronomic experience.

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In Alhaurín el Grande, the Fiesta de la Cachorreña is celebrated, honoring local agricultural and gastronomic tradition in honor of San Isidro Labrador. You can enjoy a mass, a lace exhibition, taste the Cachorreña, and explore the craft market.

Other Unique Festivals

The residents of Almargen prepare to welcome the last day of May with the traditional Romería en honor a la Virgen de Fátima.

The streets of the town fill with devotion and joy as the image of the Virgin is paraded on a float, followed by others decorated by the residents who participate in an originality contest.

The procession culminates at "La Saucedilla," where three days of outdoor celebrations are enjoyed, with music and attractions for everyone.

In Estepona, San Isidro Labrador is honored with a celebration full of tradition and popular fervor. The typical rural outfit fills the streets, accompanying the saint on his tour of the town, decorated for the occasion. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the authenticity of Estepona's festivities.

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The ‘’Festival de la Ermita de las Tres Cruces” at the crossroads of the municipalities of Almogía, Cártama, Álora, and Pizarra. A vibrant display of the region's traditional culture and music. The verdiales groups arrive dressed in their colorful costumes, filling the atmosphere with joy and rhythm.

Between performances and tastings of typical products, this festival is a unique opportunity to enjoy Malaga's folklore in all its splendor.

The Pilgrimage in honor of San Isidro Labrador and the Virgin of the Cabeza in Teba combines religion and leisure. Residents and visitors enjoy activities such as pilgrimage, music, and food in a festive and natural atmosphere.

The festivity includes processions on Saturday and a pilgrimage mass on Sunday, followed by family gatherings in the area.

May in Malaga: a tour of the most authentic festivities on the Costa del Sol

In May, the province of Malaga dresses up in celebration and tradition with these unique celebrations that you can't miss. From pilgrimages to international fairs, the province offers an unforgettable experience for all tastes and ages. Get ready to experience Malaga's spring in its full splendor!


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