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Caving is a sport that originates from the study of the underground world for geological, zoological, botanical and archaeological purposes. The overwhelming beauty of the geological formations found underground quickly made caving a popular activity. The Costa del Sol is home to incredible caves and although most are not suitable for people without specific caving knowledge and experience, there are some which you can visit accompanied by expert guides. If you are intrigued by the marvels that live under the surface, why not try your hand at caving in the Costa del Sol? In the rest of this post, we will list some of the most spectacular caves you can visit in the province of Malaga. 

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Cueva de Nerja

Cueva de Nerja is one of the most famous caves in the Costa del Sol. Located 158m above sea level, it is among the largest caves in Andalusia, extending for 4,823m. There are three access points, two subcircular holes and, close by, an entrance created a year following the discovery of the cave in 1960. The latter is used by visitors.

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Cueva del Tesoro

Located in Rincón de la Victoria, Cueva del Tesoro is the only sea cave in Europe. It was formed due to the erosive effect of the sea on the rock over many years, creating crevices, columns and gorges. Inside, the filtration of underground water has created stalactites and stalagmites. 

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Cueva de Ardales

Cueva de Ardales is home to over 50 cave paintings depicting figures and other symbols that date to the Upper Paleolithic (18,000-14,000 BC). The animal figures are mostly depicted with flint burins or bone tools. Some are painted in black, while others are painted in red and ochre/yellow. Remains from the Epipalaeolithic (8,000 BC) and Mid-Late Neolithic (4,000 BC) ages have also been discovered. In the Galerías Altas, burial remains from the Copper Age have been found. In general, the paintings date to the Upper Paleolithic, which was some 20,000 years ago. During your discovery of the cave, you will walk for 1.5km through a labyrinth of columns, permanent lakes and stunning stalagmite formations.


Cueva de las Excéntricas

Located in the municipality of Igualeja, Cueva de las Excéntricas is a small cave that boasts breath-takingly beautiful karstic formations. Its underground landscape is defined by all sorts of different cavities and pots where you can see stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws and helictites, which have given the cave its name (literally meaning ‘cave of the helictites’). The cave is easy to explore, making it ideal for beginners. 


Cueva del Hundidero

Situated in Montejaque, this site comprises both the mouth of Cueva del Hundidero as well as the river Guadares and a section of its banks. The cave is home to a large sedentary colony of cave bats. Over 50m tall, the cave sits in the bottom of a gorge which is traversed by the river Guadares. 


Cueva del Gato

Just imagine gazing at an underground river, entering into the belly of a mountain through Boca del Gato (literally meaning ‘cat’s mouth’) and illuminating impressive caves with your headlight. Marvel at the geological formations at Hundidero-Gato, in the municipality of Benaoján, swim in underwater lakes and discover La Giraldilla, La Galería del Caballo, La Gran Pared and many other incredible creations of nature. 

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Cueva de La Pileta

Listed as a National Monument and a Site of Cultural Interest, Cueva de la Pileta is situated in Benaoján. This prehistoric site has cave art dating to the Paleolithic age and remains from the Neolithic period. The cave has many paintings in the Franco-Cantabrian style, depicting deer, horses, fish, goat, bulls, a seal, abstract signs and other unidentified figures. Visits to the cave are strictly controlled to minimise damage to the site. We therefore recommend you book in advance if you are keen to visit the cave. 


We hope you have enjoyed our extraordinary selection of the most famous caves in the Costa del Sol. If the underground world has captured your imagination, why not explore the marvels living under the surface of the earth during your getaway in the province of Malaga? You're sure to be left speechless.

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