Disconnect from the big city: Wellness in Costa del Sol

Big-city living definitely has its perks, but it also comes with incessant noise, traffic, long hours at the office, housework and other responsibilities that don’t always let us relax. That frenetic pace of life can definitely take a toll! Sometimes, all we need is a relaxing getaway to let us disconnect, get some fresh air and come back renewed, with good energy. Costa del Sol is a great place for a wellness trip. Find out why below.  

Spa hotels in Costa del Sol

If the reason for your getaway is to find a little calm, Costa del Sol’s spa hotels might be just what you’re looking for. When you’re not getting pampered with a massage or a facial, you can stroll through its beautiful gardens, enjoy beautiful views of the beaches or mountains, go sunbathing, take a dip in the pool, eat delicious food or spend time in the Jacuzzi or hydrotherapy circuit. Your mind will surely stop buzzing with the stresses of daily life in no time. Luckily, Costa del Sol is filled with four- and five-star spa hotels! Here are some of our favourites:


Puente Romano Beach Resort 

Sitting in exclusive Marbella, Puente Romano Beach Resort is perfect for a relaxing vacation. Here, guests will get incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, luxurious rooms and suites, Andalusian decor, three swimming pools, a gym and, of course, a spa. This hotel is nothing if not centered around guests’ overall well being.

Puente Romano Beach ResortSource: Puente Romano Beach Resort

Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel

Sitting in Carratraca, in the quiet surroundings of the Sierra de las Nieves mountains, Villa Padierna is one of the most luxurious hotels in Costa del Sol. In short, it’s an 18th-century building with all the conveniences befitting a modern traveller. Along with having the only thermal hydrotherapy circuit in Europe—infusing all massages, beauty treatments and aromatherapy and hydrotherapy rituals with its mineral-medicinal waters—this hotel has a magnificent terrace, a stunning pool, unbeatable mountain views and more.

Villa PadiernaFuente: Villa Padierna

The Westing La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa

La Quinta is one of the most famous hotels in Costa del Sol! Find it in the "Costa del Golf" in the municipality of Benahavís, surrounded by an incredible 27-hole golf course, the Sierra Blanca mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. One of the main draws here is the 1500+ square-meter Heavenly Spa, a full-service, Andalusian-inspired health and wellness center with a gym, a hydrotherapy circuit, a Mediterranean sauna and steam room, a hammam, hydromassage showers, a therapeutic swimming pool and a center just for beauty treatments.

La Bobadilla Royal Hideway Hotel 

This charming hotel fits its name. Just outside of Loja, it’s surrounded by a beautiful natural setting, and has a 700 square-meter spa, an outdoor pool and two tasty restaurants, La Finca and El Cortijo. When summer hits, another restaurant, Mirador, opens up. La Bobadilla Royal Hideaway Hotel is perfect for those travellers who really want to get away and enjoy life.

Albayt Resort

This resort makes travellers feel right at home—literally. It’s actually an apartment complex with a spa! Located in Estepona, Albayt Resort has a fitness center, a tennis court, a restaurant and everything guests need to have the most relaxing experience.


Choosing a rural hotel, or other accommodations that don’t come with an onsite spa? Don’t worry! Most spa hotels in Costa del Sol still welcome guests who aren’t guests of the hotel. Malaga also has plenty of massage parlors where you and your special someone can go get a couples massage, a facial or a beauty ritual. For the best experience, book your treatment well in advance of your trip. No matter where you go, we know one thing for sure: you’ll get rid of all those daily stresses in no time.


Arab baths: the best wellness experience in Malaga

You can’t do a wellness trip to Costa del Sol without experiencing one of its Arabic baths. There are different options scattered around Malaga, like Hammam Al Andalus or the Arabic baths (Ronda), but they all have one thing in common: they put you in a state of total relaxation as soon as you  walk through the door. There, you’ll find hot springs at different temperatures, steam rooms, relaxation areas, massage rooms and more. A day at a hammam is a health and beauty experience like no other.

Hammam Al ÁndalusSource: Hammam Al Ándalus


Other activities that will complement your wellness trip to Costa del Sol

There’s so much about Malaga that will refresh you, mind, body and soul. Take long walks on one of its beautiful beaches, eat Malaga’s delicious local cuisine with your toes in the sand at one of its charming beach bars, enjoy a romantic dinner at one of its exclusive restaurants, tour the coast by sailboat, fly over Malaga in a hot air balloon or see unforgettable sunsets. Despite having so many options, the best way to relax is not to make too many plans. Just go to Costa del Sol and see where the wind takes you.


Need a wellness break to Costa del Sol? Check out the best spas and spa hotels in Costa del Sol and start planning your trip.


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