Live the colours of autumn at Copper Forest in Malaga

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The fresh breeze and the evolving tones of the trees announce the arrival of autumn. In the Costa del Sol, there is a place you simply have to go to feel connected to the changing seasons, and that place is Copper Forest. This woodland is a wonderful place to take a walk, following trails that will lead you through chestnut trees putting on a colourful display of ochres, browns and yellows in the midst of the Genal valley. Today we’re putting on some comfortable shoes and flinging our backpacks over our shoulders to go for a walk through Copper Forest in Malaga. You coming with us? 

Serranía de Ronda paints a truly unique picture at this time of the year. The scenery flaunts the beauty of the inland, defined by mountainscapes that combine great slopes with wild peaks. Copper Forest reaches across no fewer than ten municipalities in the Genal valley, namely Alpandeire, Benadalid, Benalauría, Cartajima, Faraján, Genalguacil, Igualeja, Jubrique, Júzcar, Parauta and Pujerra in Serranía de Ronda, and Yunquera in Sierra de las Nieves national park. Visiting these villages at any time of the year - but particularly in autumn - is a unique opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes and tasty gastronomy. 

copper forest walk


Tradition and nature

Enveloped by chestnut trees, the traditional whitewashed villages of the area have a strong connection to the chestnut. During your time here, you simply have to soak up the beauty of all the villages in Copper Forest, experience the many local festivals and - most importantly - savour some delicious cuisine. Charcuterie and ham are just some of the typical products that define the tasty and varied mountain gastronomy

In the month of November, make sure you experience fiestas de los “tostones”, festivities celebrating the chestnut that bring both locals and visitors together to enjoy the most flavoursome cuisine. On the menu are roasted chestnuts with aniseed, spirits and local liqueurs. Experiences that combine Andalusian traditions and flavours. 


Copper Forest walk

The best way to explore the scenery of Copper Forest is by following its pathways and trails. The woodland is an ideal place to go hiking or enjoy other outdoor activities. As you make your way into the scenery, you will find yourself in the midst of cork oak, holm oak, pine and chestnut trees. And in autumn - which is Copper Forest’s season par excellence - you can often see all sorts of mushrooms popping up in and around the feet of the trees. 

Copper Forest is the perfect place to run away from your worries, to swap the noise and pollution of the city for the wildest of naturescapes. There are all sorts of different trails for you to explore - from small local walks to national trails - all of which will immerse you in a world of natural beauty. Start planning an autumnal getaway in the embrace of spectacular scenery. 

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Following the course of the river Genal

The arrival of autumn in Serranía de Ronda comes with the awakening of the rivers, streams and sources after their summer slumber. Countless streams descend the heights of Sierra de las Nieves, converging into the three main rivers of the area, namely the Guadalteba, the Guadiaro and the Genal. As soon as the first rain falls, the water returns with force, particularly at the source of the river Benaoján, one of the biggest tributaries of the river Guadiaro. The same phenomenon occurs on the other side of the basin with the source of the river Genal in Igualeja. The water rushing from the mountain is nothing short of a spectacle, though the course here is much more tranquil. 

Sheer slopes, contrasting colours and dense chestnut and cork oak woodland make the Genal valley a paradise for lovers of hiking and the great outdoors. The area is particularly beautiful in the summer and autumn months, though it is an absolute joy to explore all year round. Up in the high limestone peaks separating the Genal and Guadiaro rivers, you can enjoy exciting sports such as rock climbing and via ferratas. Copper Forest, in Malaga, promises an incredible adventure. 

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