Meet the ambassadors of the Solheim Cup 2023 Ambassador Programme

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The Ambassador Programme was launched to promote the Solheim Cup 2023, which is being hosted in the Costa del Sol. Forty golf players will share their pride and excitement about the upcoming tournament being held in the province of Malaga. 

The goal of the Ambassador Programme is to promote the Solheim Cup and offer participating organisations a number of benefits, such as, for example, a travel package with special offers for members attending the Solheim Cup 2021, which is being hosted in the United States. 

The position of ambassador was therefore created for the Solheim Cup 2023. The ambassadors - who are players and club members - will drive home the importance of the tournament being hosted in the Costa del Sol and speak of their pride about the upcoming event.   

The fifty ambassadors of the Solheim Cup 2023

In total, over fifty ambassadors from many different countries have been selected to promote the Solheim Cup 2023. They represent organisations with members in Spain (led by Ana Belén Sánchez, a player from Malaga who competed in the Solheim Cup 2003) and on the other side of the pond (such as the Andalusian pro Belén Mozo, currently based in Colombia, and Azucena Maldonado, president of the Latina Golfers Association in Los Angeles). 

ambassadors ambassador programme Fuente: Solheim Cup 2023

The Solheim Cup 2021 will serve as a launching platform for the event as many of the ambassadors will be at Toledo, Ohio, to compete as part of the European team and promote the 2023 edition. The ambassadors in the Ambassador Programme Club will, without doubt, leave a mark on the tournament just as they have on the whole of Spain. 

Solheim Cup 2023 in Finca Cortesin (Casares)

Scheduled from the 18 to the 23 September 2023, the Solheim Cup 2023 will be contested on the spectacular course at Finca Cortesín (in Casares). For the first time in the history of the tournament, the American and European teams will come face to face in Spain, a landmark event that will position the Costa del Sol as a leading destination in the world of sports. The Solheim Cup 2023 has been declared an event of exceptional public interest by the Spanish government, the first ladies golf event to receive the accolade. The ambassadors of the Cup therefore have plenty to boast about when sharing their pride and excitement about the tournament being held in the Costa del Sol. 

Located in Casares, Finca Cortesín is a world renowned golf resort that has hosted three editions of the Volvo World Match Play Championship as part of the European Tour. It has also been named one of the top five golf courses in Spain by specialist publications such as World's Best Awards and Golf Digest on a number of occasions. The 6,808m course and its greens underwent a full remodel in 2017. The course has a reputation for its superb maintenance and its challenging design. Designed by the acclaimed architect Cabell Robinson, the 18-hole course offers players a diverse game with no two holes alike. 

amabassado programme club Fuente: Finca Cortesín

The Solheim Cup 2023 will be hosted at Finca Cortesín, a course that is situated in the so-called Costa del Golf, a destination that offers about 70 world-class courses. The incredible weather, wide range of leisure activities available and hotels specialising in golf tourism are just some of the reasons that make being an ambassador for the Solheim Cup 2023 a more than satisfying task. 

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