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Malaga is a modern and cosmopolitan city, but it is also full of history and traditions. Many different civilizations have passed through the city leaving traces in the architecture of its streets, in its monuments, in its lifestyle and in the character of its people.

One of the places able to transport us to the city’s Al-Ándalus past is Hammam Al-Ándalus. These are Arab baths where every detail has been considered to create a sense of well-being: the Nasrid style decoration, the aromas... The space has five baths with water at different temperatures, steam rooms, massage rooms and tables where you can stop to drink tea.

Another attraction of this place is the location of the building. The area, known as the entorno Thyssen (Thyssen area) because of its proximity to the museum, is full of small shops and unique establishments. Strolling around and getting lost in its narrow streets is highly recommended. In addition, directly opposite is the Iglesia de los Santos Mártires (Church of the Holy Martyrs), one of the first four Christian churches built in the city. Another essential place to visit.

Cultural visits

To complete the experience, Hammam Al-Ándalus has launched a special promotion: after a relaxing bath and massage in its facilities, you have the option to visit one or more of the city’s monuments and cultural spaces. Among them are some of the most notable places in the city, such as the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Picasso’s Casa Natal (Birthplace) Museum, the Malaga Pompidou Centre, the Collection of the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg in Malaga, the Motor and Fashion Museum and the Wine Museum.

A unique opportunity to experience the city’s artistic and cultural past. Tickets can be purchased through their website or directly at the reception of the baths (Plaza de los Mártires, 5).

You can find more information about Hammam Al-Ándalus here


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