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Centuries of History, with a capital H, merge in the Costa del Sol to form an intriguing legacy. The province of Malaga is a place where distinct civilisations once settled – the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Christians and the Muslims – all of whom leaving behind architectural, culinary and cultural remains. Recently opened to the public, the Roman archaeological site of Villa Antiopa in Rincón de la Victoria is another example of an extraordinary historic heritage site in the province. Others include the Antequera Dolmens Site, the Roman baths (also in Antequera), and the dolmen necropolis in Estepona.

Now open to visitors, this 3rd century archaeological site is the perfect family day out in the province of Malaga. The ruins of the villa will not only blow you away, they’ll also give you an insight into everyday Roman life.


A mystical villa on the coast 

The ruins of Villa Antiopa comprise a number of spaces, halls and rooms, complete with Roman ceramics and mosaics that have been dated to the 3rd century. The architectural site is beautifully situated on the Rincón de la Victoria coast, and more specifically on Torre de Benagalbón beach. Listed a Site of Cultural Interest in 2008, the rooms were once a Roman villa in a coastal city. The site and its mosaics – some of which depict scenes from mythology – are in an excellent state of conservation, making the villa a must-visit.

Depicting a sexual encounter between Satyr and the princess of Thebes, Antiope, the mosaic in the main room is worth a visit to the villa in itself. But that’s not all. What sort of objects were used in the period? What was life like in these rooms? What sort of materials did the Romans use to build these villas? All these questions and more will be answered during your time at Villa Antiopa. 

architectural siteSource: Turismo el Rincón


Historic pieces and experiences

To enhance your visit to the villa, not only is there an audio guide that you can enjoy (preferably with headphones), you can also download an app for Android that will immerse you, through augmented reality, in the Roman villa in 2D and 3D, taking you on a tour of the rooms, pools, social spaces and triclinium, where the Romans used to socialise.

And that’s not all. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to take a look at a number of objects discovered at the site. The pieces have helped us understand, 18 centuries on, what day-to-day life was like for the Romans. From the famous garum, or fish soup which the Romans used to prepare, to the rooms used for salting foods and the latrines, all sorts of discoveries await. 


Open Monday to Sunday  

Villa Antiopa in Rincón de la Victoria is open Monday to Sunday. Tickets are well priced and free on some days. You can get yours on Rincón de la Victoria’s official tourism website for between €2 and €6. Prices vary depending on factors including age and socio-economic situation.Tickets are free on Mondays. Opening times vary depending on the time of year, so make sure you check before you set off. Have a look at the opening times and get your tickets now on the Rincón de la Victoria website.


Another great heritage site in the province 

Well-aware of its value, the Costa del Sol promotes and protects its heritage sites. Villa Antiopa in Rincón de la Victoria is neither the first nor the only great discovery to have been made in the province. If you’re keen to spend some time having fun and learning something new with all the family, you won’t be short on options in the Costa del Sol.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Antequera Dolmens Site is an exceptional example of a structure our ancestors left behind, and one of the most impressive archaeological sites out there. Acinipo archaeological site in Ronda, Museo Arqueológico de Frigiliana (the archaeological museum) and Malaga Roman Theatre are other must-visits for history and architecture buffs.

And as if all that weren’t enough, in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria alone there are two attractions that promise a unique and original day out: Villa Antiopa’s, an architectural heritage site recently opened to the public, and Cueva del Tesoro where you will be immersed in history. 

rincón de la victoriaSource: Turismo el Rincón


Can you think of any better way to spend an afternoon with the family? The archaeological remains of Villa Antiopa in Rincón de la Victoria will take you on a discovery of the Romans. So how about it? Come and visit this incredible archaeological site in the Costa del Sol that opened its doors in December 2022.

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