Magic and Tradition: the Three Kings Parade on the Costa del Sol

Every year, Melchor, Gaspar and Balthasar, known collectively as the Magi, the Three Kings, or the Three Wise Men, bring magic and excitement to every corner of the Costa del Sol.

These bearers of gifts and messages of hope embark on a special tour around the streets of Malaga province, handing out thousands upon thousands of sweets.

This tradition, which is deeply rooted in the local culture, is eagerly anticipated by children and their families as excitement builds around just what the Three Kings will bring them.

But where and when will the parade known as the ‘Cabalgata de Reyes’ take place on the Costa del Sol? Check out all the details below.

Where can you enjoy the ‘Cabalgata de Reyes’ parade on the Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol offers numerous charming settings to enjoy the magical ‘Cabalgata de Reyes’ parade of the Three Kings that marks the arrival of Epiphany. Check out below for information on where you can experience this wonderous event for the whole family.

Majesty in the city of Malaga

One of the most impressive Cabalgata parades is undoubtedly the one held in the city of Malaga, where there are spectacular floats, plenty of entertainment, and thousands of kilos of sweets are handed out.

This year, it will set out at 6pm from Malaga City Hall, but the official reception will take place beforehand (at 5:30pm).

On the way back, as they pass through the Plaza de la Marina, the Three Kings will get down from their floats and walk to the Cathedral. On the stairs leading to the Cathedral, they will present their gifts at the Live Nativity scene, to a musical accompaniment performed by University of Malaga Children’s Choir.

There will also be parades for their Royal Majesties and activities in the different districts of Malaga:

  • Centro: 3rd January at 5pm
  • Carretera de Cádiz: 3rd January at 5pm
  • Puerto de la Torre: 3rd January at 5pm
  • Este: 4th January at 5:30pm
  • Bailén-Miraflores: 4th January at 5:30pm
  • Cruz de Humilladero: 4th January at 5:00pm
  • Campanillas: 4th January at 4pm in Santa Rosalía and 5th January at 5pm in Campanillas.
  • Teatinos-Universidad: 4th January at 5:00pm
  • Churriana: 5th January at 5:00pm
  • Ciudad Jardín: On 4th January there will be children's activities in Parque de la Alegría park, between 12:30pm and 6pm.
  • Palma-Palmilla: 2nd January: visit from the royal messenger at 11am (in the La Roca Social Centre) and from 5pm in Parque de Martiricos park.

Don’t miss the Cabalgata parade in the city of Malaga!

2 cabalgata reyes magos

The Three Kings visit the Costa del Sol

Every year, their Majesties visit the villages of the Costa del Sol.

In Fuengirola they will arrive by helicopter, no less, touching down at the Elola Sports Complex (Friday, 5th January at 4pm). From there, they travel around the town handing out thousands of sweets in a parade made up of more than twenty themed floats featuring popular children's characters.

In Marbella, after enjoying other children's activities and their traditional ‘chocolatada’, the Kings participate in a grand parade all around the city centre.

The Cabalgata de Reyes parade in Torremolinos begins at 5pm with a large entourage, distributing 5,000 kilos of sweets and almost a tonne of confetti and streamers. It finishes at 8pm at the Town Hall.

In Estepona, the 5th of January is also a fun-filled day for children. With a children's party at noon at the Exhibition and Congress Centre, followed by the Grand Parade through the central streets at 5pm.

At the other end of the Costa del Sol, from Rincón de la Victoria to Nerja, passing through Vélez Málaga, the magical entourage fills this special day with colour, music and fantasy.

Magic further inland

Further inland, the province of Malaga also has big plans for this special day.

In Antequera, as well as sweets they also hand out traditional mantecados biscuits on this day, while in Ronda, it is customary to give children toys.

And Archidona has a particularly interesting way of celebrating the visit from the Three Kings: on the morning of 5th January, children walk around the town dragging along strings of old tin cans, a wake-up call to their Majesties to bring them the gifts they are longing for.

Other towns and villages such as Frigiliana, Álora, Cártama, Coín, among many others, will also celebrate the Three Kings parade on their streets.

What Cabalgata parade on the Costa del Sol will you be enjoying this year?

3 cabalgata reyes magos bufon

As we have mentioned, on the Costa del Sol there are many possibilities to enjoy the Cabalgata de Reyes parade, whether in the city of Malaga itself, along the coast, or further inland.

Whichever destination you choose, it's guaranteed to be a truly unique experience with your family.

Fill your world with magic on the Costa del Sol!

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