Malaga lights up Christmas

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If you’re planning on visiting the Costa del Sol this Christmas, don’t miss one of the most beautiful sights of this time of year: the city of Malaga’s Christmas lights, which you can see on Calle Larios during the holidays.


Over the last few years, Malaga’s Christmas lights have become the most visited attraction in the city during the Christmas holidays and one of the events that attracts the most tourists at this time of year.


The design of the lights will be inspired by the Cathedral of Malaga and this year the Christmas lights will extend along new streets including Calle Marqués, Calle Sagasta, Souvirón, Plaza de Camas, Calle Herrera del Rey, Puerta del Mar, Calle Moreno Carbonero, Calle Álamos and Calle Granada, so that the old and the young can enjoy them.


The Christmas lights, which will be inaugurated on Friday 30 November in the afternoon, will follow the same design as in recent years, with a structure that recreates a tunnel of light, featuring Christmas motifs such as last year’s rose windows, reminiscent of the ones in Malaga Cathedral. In addition, there will once again be a sound and light show, with lights moving to the beat of the music. The set up on Calle Larios will become a focal point for the public in the Historic Centre during Christmas, with two daily shows of the sound and light show, in the afternoon and evening.


Other activities will be take place from the day the lights are switched on until January 6, the date on which the lights will be turned off. On the first day a children's party will be organized in the Plaza de Las Flores where balloons will be handed out to the little ones, and on consecutive days there will be sound and light shows at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm and traditional Christmas carols with performances of 2 to 3 minutes.



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