Experience Holy Week on the Costa del Sol: culture and tradition unveiled

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If there's a special time to visit the Costa del Sol, that is Holy Week. This year it begins on March 24th and ends on March 31st.

Holy Week in the province of Málaga is a tradition with five centuries of history that combines fervor and folklore. In fact, in the capital alone, more than forty brotherhoods and fraternities procession to depict the Passion of Jesus.

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, unique and unforgettable scenes unfold. The province turns into a magical setting filled with the scent of incense, the sound of drums, and impromptu saetas (flamenco songs) from any balcony.

Holy Week in the capital of the Costa del Sol

Málaga city offers an official route to witness all brotherhood and fraternity processions in full detail. Accompanied by the sound of cornet and drum bands, spectators can see the sacred images carried on thrones of immense historical and artistic value.

To experience Holy Week like a local, don't miss intense moments such as the Pollinica's departure on Palm Sunday or the Captive's crossing over the Aurora Bridge and the Gypsy Brotherhood's enclosure on Holy Monday.

Other hallmark moments include the Virgin of Rocío's arrival at the Tribune of the Poor on Holy Tuesday; the release of a prisoner by Jesus "El Rico" on the next day; and on Holy Thursday, the legionnaires' march alongside the Christ of Mena. The silent, dark procession of the Virgin of Servitas on Good Friday night starkly contrasts with the festival's luminous and emotional vibrancy.

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Holy Week in the Province of Málaga

The Costa del Sol's municipalities also gain prominence, offering numerous processions.

Holy Week processions in Ronda, set against its monumental landscape, are especially striking. Notable processions include the Gypsies on Palm Sunday, the Silence on Holy Wednesday, and Father Jesus in the early hours.

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In Antequera, you can also witness a very special ritual known as "Correr la Vega," where bearers race the thrones down the city's steep slopes. These "Vegas" are featured by many thrones, although those that raise the most fervor are the Virgin of Sorrows, the Virgin of Peace, and the Virgin of Help.

The Holy Week of Vélez-Málaga has been recognized as a Festival of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia. In the town, Holy Week begins with the well-known procession of the Pollinica and the Virgin of Rocío, and continues throughout the week with processions like the Ecce Homo and the Garden and Forsaken. It is in the final stretch of Holy Week when the most emblematic brotherhoods come out, like the Students or Jesus the Poor on Holy Thursday, or Christ of the Watchmen and the Anguishes on Good Friday.

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Towns like Archidona, Álora, Arriate, or Alhaurín el Grande present a great brotherhood tradition, with deeply rooted customs. They offer a great variety to enjoy this grand tradition. In Archidona, the processions of "El Nazareno," "La Humildad," "La Soledad," or "El Huerto" stand out. In Álora, you can't miss "La Despedía," classified as a Festival of National Tourist Interest, and another great day is Holy Thursday with the procession of the Nazarene of the Towers. The town of Arriate highlights the two brotherhoods, the "Cristinos" and the "Jesuitas," competing in the splendor of their processions and cults. Lastly, in Alhaurín el Grande, the brotherhood of the Holy True Cross (Los Verdes) and the brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno (the Moraos) play a major role. Competitors, yet also united, they display their images during the processions of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. The Greens and Moraos represent the Passion of Jesus, sharing the biblical stories.

Come to the province of Málaga for Holy Week and live an unparalleled experience

Holy Week in Málaga is much more than a religious celebration; it is an experience that immerses you in the history, tradition, and beauty of the destination, thanks to itineraries that run throughout the province.

Therefore, no matter where you choose on the Costa del Sol to enjoy Holy Week, you're sure to enjoy it.


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