Cocina en Origen in Fuengirola. A seaside town that is a melting pot of different cultures

Just 32km along the coast from Malaga, Fuengirola is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Costa del Sol. The town has developed considerably in recent decades, though its origins as a humble fishing town can still very much be perceived in the streets, the people and - it goes without saying - the cuisine. In the series ‘Cocina en Origen’, Samuel Perea travels to Fuengirola to find out how to prepare a delicious recipe prepared by a chef who was brought up on the Mediterranean. Yes, we’re talking about Pablo Sánchez’s famous garlic shrimp, a traditional dish with a difference.

Eating out in Fuengirola Costa


Fuengirola is a seaside town where people from a grand total of 132 different countries live together harmoniously. Every day, the town awakens with the intention of sharing everything it has, from the long beaches that promise tranquillity and relaxation to the pretty streets, speckled by the interplay of light, and - of course - the diverse gastronomy, inspired by the sea, prepared by the friendliest of locals. 

Samuel Perea and chef Pablo Sánchez visit Fuengirola fish market, where chefs and fishermen come together in a daily ritual to sell and buy fish and seafood, such as squid, langoustine, white seabream, sardines, octopus and deep-water rose shrimp, the shrimp used in the recipe. 


Pablo Sánchez is a young chef who is at the helm of the family seafood restaurant. Working in harmony with the sea, Pablo’s family has been running Los Marinos José restaurant for over thirty years. In addition to the restaurant, the family also has its very own fishing boat, going out to sea every morning to guarantee that the fish served in the restaurant is as fresh as possible, coming directly from the sea into the restaurant kitchen. 


Recipe for garlic deep-water rose shrimps

Eating out in Fuengirola garlic shrimps


- With the deep-water rose shrimps you have bought at the fish market, select the biggest, remove the shell, keeping the head, and put to one side. 

- Slice a couple of cloves of garlic, put a ceramic dish over the stove, add a good glug of extra virgin olive oil and add the garlic and a little bit of chili pepper. 

- Stir as the garlic cooks and then add the shrimp. 

- Season with salt and leave to cook for just a couple of seconds. 

- Remove from the heat and they’re ready to eat!

Eating in Fuengirola beach garlic shrimp


Millefeuille with crème pâtissière and fresh fruit

Eating out in Fuengirola millefeuille


In the words of Samuel Perea, “a meal without dessert is like a garden without flowers”. He therefore visits the bakery of Cati Schiff, one of the best pastry chefs in Spain, to learn how to prepare the perfect dessert to conclude a special meal in Fuengirola: millefeuille with crème pâtissière and fresh fruit. 

- The first thing Cati does is make the dough for the puff pastry. She combines strong flour, butter and salt, slowly adding water to form a dough. She leaves it to rest. 

- Once rested, she passes it through a machine and turns the pastry five times. The puff pastry is then cut into slices and baked, ready to be used. 

- To prepare the crème pâtissière, she puts a pan over the heat with milk, cream and a fresh vanilla pod. 

- In a separate bowl, she combines sugar, starch, milk and egg yolk. 

- When the milk comes to the bubble, she combines it with the other mixture, stirring well until it thickens. When cool, the crème pâtissière is combined with gelatine and semi-whipped cream. 

- The two bottom layers of the puff pastry slices are piped with the crème pâtissière mousse while the top layer is piped with a slightly sweetened semi-whipped cream. The millefeuille is then decorated with macarons, fresh fruit and edible flowers.

Eating out in Fuengirola millefeuille


Having enjoyed a delicious meal of garlic shrimps followed by a spectacular millefeuille, there is nothing better than taking a stroll along the Fuengirola coast. Here you will feel the fresh breeze on your face as you breathe in the most stunning vistas. If you are looking for a wonderful seaside holiday destination that is detached from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet with all the services you want and need, Fuengirola is the place for you.

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