Caminito del Rey: tips for an incredible experience

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The Caminito del Rey is a wonderful natural site of Malaga, located between the municipalities of Alora, Antequera and Ardales. A path that is unique in the world runs through this environment, rising to three hundred and twenty-eight feet in height. Much of the route is carried out on hanging walkways attached to the natural rock wall. Here are some tips to enjoy this amazing experience.

Ticket reservation for the Caminito del Rey

In the Caminito del Rey website, you can buy tickets up to four months in advance. Due to the interest that it arouses, it is advisable to reserve them as soon as possible. Especially if you want to choose the type of guided tour or you are going on a weekend.

Although the website also includes a section to buy last minute tickets, it is not usual that tickets are available for the desired days. So in order not to be left without access to this stunning spot, you should plan in advance.

Arrive by car or train... early enough

The Caminito del Rey is located in the Gorge of Los Gaitanes, where you can get by car without difficulty. Starting from Malaga, the recommended itinerary is to take the A-357 road. This route connects in Ardales with the MA-5403, which leads to El Chorro.

From Ronda, the journey starts on the A-367 and continues along the MA-5403. While from Antequera, the ideal thing is to travel the A-384 towards Campillos and then continue along the A-357 and the MA-451. Along any of the routes, you will see beautiful landscapes.

Caminito del Rey_Via del tren.jpg
Another option is to take the train to El Chorro station in Alora. But whether by car or rail, the final stretch to the Caminito del Rey should be done on foot. Therefore, it is essential to travel with sufficient time and with appropriate footwear.

Some recommendations

The path of the Caminito del Rey, almost 5 miles long, is linear and in a one-way direction. Once the visit is over, you have to return to the starting point on foot or by shuttle bus. Given the distance, the best alternative is to make use of this transport service that joins the two accesses of the trail: the north, in Ardales, and the south, in Alora.

Do not forget to bring water or drinks to hydrate, sunscreen (especially in summer) and snacks, such as energy bars, chocolate bars or fruit. Clothing should be comfortable and footwear appropriate for hiking. And remember: inside the Caminito del Rey (as could not be otherwise) there are no toilets.

Before 2017 ends, this tourist attraction in the hinterland Malaga will have a new visitor centre. The complex, integrated in the landscape, will include a point of information and attention to the public, car park, a cafeteria and a shop.

A vertigo experience

Anyone older than 8 years can cross the Caminito del Rey, without needing a great physical preparation. Obviously, as long as you dare to face the impressive views from the walkways anchored to the vertical rock and to pass through the suspension bridge with the void beneath your feet. The adrenaline rush is assured.

Puente Colgante_Caminito del Rey.jpg

On the contrary, this experience is not advised for people suffering from vertigo, heart ailments, respiratory diseases and mobility difficulties. If this is not your case, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket!


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