Soho Málaga: 12 hours at a quartier that will change you

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Soho Málaga is much more than a district. The so-called “Arts quartier” is a place full of life, dreams, and adventures, creation and leisure, an historic area with a continuous hive of experiences. Soho Málaga will transform you. Are you ready for this?

Accommodation: hotels and hostels at Soho Málaga

Let’s start with accommodation and the variety of hotels and hostels offered at Soho Málaga. Charming establishments with perfect locations.

10:00h: A typical Málaga breakfast with good coffee and a “pitufo” (a small type of toast) with olive oil will give us energy for first steps.

Street art at Soho Málaga

11:00h: Step into the graffiti tour in Málaga. Obey, D*Face, Boa Mistura or Faith47 are world-class graffiti artists, whose amazing projects will be showed along the tour around this Málaga Arts quartier together with other works from local artists.

12:00h: You have arrived in CAC Málaga. This museum will surprise you with ground-breaking collections. Among others, there were works of artists such as Yoshitmo Nara, Jason Rhoades or the Chapman brothers at these halls.

Restaurants at Soho Málaga

14:00h: Where to eat in Soho Málaga. Craft brewery, pubs and traditional food taverns, fried fish, bites and tapas, fusion food, international cuisine… It is complicated that you don’t find what you want at Soho restaurants and bars.

Shopping at Soho

17:00h: It is time to buy some souvenirs. A lovely walk to explore extremely charming corners. Antique shops, art, clothes, handicraft, gourmet products, decoration, books, dolls, fashion…

Theatre at Soho

20:00h: At the Teatro Alameda you have the possibility of being part of unique stories. A theatre session transforms and transports you.

Music at Soho

22:00h: End your experience with some snacks and music. “Tablaos flamencos” (flamenco venues), jazz clubs, bars with live performances. Music takes over with concerts at Soho Málaga.



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