Unique Easter Celebrations in the Province of Malaga: Which Ones Are They and Where to Enjoy Them?

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One of the most important annual celebrations on the Costa del Sol is approaching: Easter, which will be from March 24th to March 31st.

In the province of Malaga, processions and Unique Festivities are celebrated on the occasion of Passion Week. Or this reason, if you are planning a family getaway, we invite you to discover the main celebrations to live a complete experience full of tradition.

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What are the main Unique Easter Celebrations in the province of Malaga?

As we just mentioned, there are numerous Unique Festivities that the province of Malaga can offer you to enjoy Easter properly. The most outstanding ones are shown below:

"La Despedía" in Alora

In Alora, during Easter, one of the most highlighted moments is 'La Despedía', considered a Festival of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia

On the morning of Good Friday, in the square of the same name, this encounter between Jesus Nazarene and the Virgin of Sorrows is celebrated. The bearers of each throne kneel in unison several times in an act with great public participation, contributing to an impressive and heartfelt spectacle.

"The Paso" in Cajiz

In the municipality of Vélez-Málaga, there is Cajiz, a small population center of Arab origin.

It is in this place, where an attractive commemoration of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ, known as "The Paso", takes place. It is a popular and religious representation that is carried out both on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

In it, more than 250 neighbors participate and 36 scenes from the Old and New Testament are represented, on a stage especially built for the occasion.

"The Paso" impresses all visitors who enjoy it!

"The Paso de Riogordo": a special representation

In Riogordo, Easter constitutes one of the most important moments for this locality for two fundamental reasons: its traditional processional parades and, especially, the representations of "The Paso de Riogordo".

The Paso de Riogordo is recognized as one of the most unique and outstanding religious events in Spain. In fact, it has been praised as "the best Paso in Europe" and as an unparalleled theatrical representation.

It takes place every Good Friday and Holy Saturday and involves the inhabitants of Riogordo. The great involvement they have is observed during the months prior as they rehearse, prepare, and make the costumes.

Fiestas Singulares 2

Representation "Passion and Death of Jesus of Nazareth" in Igualeja

Another of the Unique Easter Festivities is found in Igualeja with the representation of "Passion and Death of Jesus of Nazareth". It can be seen every Holy Saturday.

This staging is also carried out by the inhabitants of the town, who are characterized by a very participatory attitude, eagerly and traditionally preparing the play for this day.

Fiestas Singulares 3

"La Cortesía" in Cartajima

Cartajima also experiences Easter in a very special way, maintaining a centuries-old tradition.

In the early hours of Resurrection Sunday, some neighbors recreate a garden in the streets where they will end up burning "Judas". At seven in the morning, they transfer the Child Jesus from the church of Our Lady of the Rosary to that same garden, in a festive atmosphere. He image of the Child Jesus will remain there until it reunites with the image of the Virgin of the Rosary, the Patron Saint of the locality. Subsequently, a mother and son dance is performed. For this reason, this representation is known as "La Cortesía".

"The Paso" in Istán

In Istán, two distinctive events are celebrated: the processions through the streets of the town and the representation of the Passion, known as "The Paso".

Currently, live representations of biblical passages are performed, culminating in the Crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday in the town's sports center. "The Paso" is a very popular and respected tradition, with the active participation of the entire town, featuring more than a hundred characters each year.

Fiestas Singulares 4

"Correr la Vega" in Antequera

In Antequera, "Correr la Vega" is celebrated on Holy Thursday and Good Friday each year, recognized as of Tourist Interest.

Thousands of Antequerans run through the steep streets of this city: some with the throne on their shoulders, others behind the image, and the bravest, in front.

On Good Friday, the Brotherhood of Socorro carries out a very striking act. Three steps advance through three streets until reaching the temple of Santa María de Jesús, accompanied by the sound of drums and bells.

This tradition dates back to the 16th century, when participants had to run to overcome the hills and reach the Hermitage of la Veracruz, where the fields of the Vega de Antequera were blessed.

Fiestas Singulares 5

Easter in Arriate

Easter in Arriate is a celebration rooted in a long history dating back to the 17th century.

It stands out for the division of the residents into "cristinos and jesuits", associated with the respective brotherhoods.

Holy Thursday is especially solemn, with the main procession and the moving encounter between Jesus and the Virgin. Additionally, it is unique in the province for celebrating a procession on Holy Saturday, the Holy Burial of Christ, where the jesuits wear a purple tunic and white capirote.

Fiestas Singulares 6

"The Paso" in Benalmádena

In Benalmádena, as in other municipalities of the province, Easter is lived with fervor, highlighting the representation of "The Paso".

This tradition, which originated at the beginning of the 20th century, consists of a dramatization of the last days of Jesus Christ, with the participation of numerous neighbors.

The representation takes place in the rustic park El Retamar, where the most dramatic moments of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ are recreated in 35 acts, with an anonymous text from the 19th century that combines verse and prose. Between scene and scene, dances are performed and saetas are sung to introduce the next acts of the narrative.

Fiestas Singulares 7

The most unique and special Easter awaits you on the Costa del Sol

Discover a unique and special Easter on the Costa del Sol. This destination offers an unparalleled experience during this celebration, with a wide range of live performances that capture the essence and tradition of this festivity.

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