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Jan 01, 1970

Winter tours through the Gran Senda of Málaga

The Gran Senda of Málaga (the Málaga Great Footpath) has become one of the main touristic attractions of the Málaga province. The numerous routes, that can be covered on foot or ...

Feb 01, 2018

Four spots to get in love with the Costa del Sol

If you are looking for a destination to travel this winter, we recommend you to visit the Costa del Sol. Enjoy with the five senses these four natural spots that nature offers in ...

Jan 27, 2018

Visit to four province archaeological sites

The province of Málaga has an important archaeological heritage, reflection of civilizations and cultures, which settled in these lands for centuries. Nowadays there are many ...

Jan 25, 2018

Rural getaways by the Serranía de Ronda

The Serranía de Ronda is one of the most beautiful regions of the Málaga province. Plenty of legends and mysteries, it is one of the most visited touristic destinations.  You will ...

Jan 25, 2018

Outdoors tours... with your dog!

If you usually travel always with your pet, you may know that the region inland offers amazing places that you can visit with your dog. We propose you four destinations, which one ...

Jan 19, 2018

Birdwatching holidays in the province of Málaga

If you are passionate about nature, enjoy hiking and love birds, you're in luck, because in Málaga you can find numerous activities that combine all of these elements. You can ...

Jan 02, 2018

A weekend in the Málaga hills

If you would like to enjoy a weekend surrounded by nature, the Montes de Málaga Natural Park is a perfect choice. Hiking trails, bike rides and excursions to archaeological sites ...

Dec 29, 2017

Hiking in the province of Málaga

Are you interested in active tourism in the province of Málaga? Málaga and the Costa del Sol have numerous trails through spectacular scenery where you can get close to nature.


Dec 22, 2017

Archidona, historical heritage in the interior of Malaga

The attractive town of Archidona is a well-kept secret in the interior of Malaga province. Located in the northwest of the province, in the foothills of the Sierra de Gracia, this ...

Oct 16, 2017

The Copper Forest, the Genal Valley’s Golden Season

Autumn has come to the Costa del Sol, bringing with it a chance to enjoy the spectacular landscapes offered by Malaga province at this time of year. It’s the moment to lose ...

Oct 06, 2017



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